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  1. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Speed Bump 3 days ago

    Deodorant overload.

  2. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Speed Bump 4 days ago

    Where are the little Acini de Pepes?Or is this an adult-only party?

  3. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Scary Gary 10 days ago

    Faxon – it’s simple. Mark is a master of efficient dialogue and quirky yet appropriate drawing style. It’s a formula for success.

  4. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 17 days ago

    Haven’t heard from the “Where’s Dirk?” party lately. No, that’s not a hint. Or maybe it is. Or not.

  5. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 20 days ago

    Here’s a tip: to get read, write like a cartoonist. Terse. To the point.

  6. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Speed Bump 24 days ago

    Waiting for the PC police to jump all over Coverly and then send him brochures on mental health.

  7. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Pearls Before Swine 25 days ago

    This is not a case of poling the porpoise or humping the shark.

  8. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    I should have been more specific. I was referring to his direct involvement with the online fan base. That still is a new addition, i.e. more work to do, compared to the old ways when his work routine was formed. It’s a relentless deadline driven job and that is why most cartoonists don’t color their dailies. It’s an added chore with no return in pay.

  9. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Attention Leviticus. To answer your questions from a few days ago with regard to Greg’s lead time. Today, March 1, I downloaded black and white Luann strips dated Monday 3/24 to Saturday 3/29. That’s three weeks from his final art to publication. Colorists must get the final work back to Universal a week before final release with few exceptions.
    Greg is very methodical about staying well ahead of schedule so it’s a good bet he’s done writing a couple weeks before the strips are in final art form. Remember, he still has Sunday work and he takes those right through to color himself.
    So the often discussed reader feedback loop is quite a long one. Another thing, the online comic strip distribution experience is still relatively new for old pros like Greg who were mailing in paper-based art not too long ago. Strippers like him came up working in isolation from their fans save for letters, events like book signings, comic fests, etc.
    While interested in knowing what his fans think, Luann springs from within him and not from external opinions and suggestions.
    Adding his daughter, Karen, to the creative mix did not mean he handed off steering the ship.

  10. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Dave – strips are written well before that. I would place that theory in the NFW category. And Greg remains the overwhelming primary author his strip. That’s a fact.