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  1. Cooncat commented on Kliban about 24 hours ago

    Don’t get in granny’s way when there’s a sale … on anything!

  2. Cooncat commented on B.C. about 24 hours ago

    Dental Floss … now why didn’t I think of that. Maybe I can make a quick stop at Walmart after work to stock up!

  3. Cooncat commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Most canned cat food doesn’t need a can opener these days … just a pull on the ring and the top is off.

  4. Cooncat commented on Kliban's Cats 2 days ago

    Cat’s ability to sleep is “Out of this World”!

  5. Cooncat commented on Heathcliff 3 days ago

    Yeah, but if you step on them, they ‘crackle’.

  6. Cooncat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 days ago

    Oh goodie … perhaps the “enviro-nuts” will have it out with the “eco-nuts” … everyone wins (except for the birds, who are either fried by solar rays, or chopped to pieces by “wind farms”).

  7. Cooncat commented on Kliban 5 days ago

    I think some of her “parts” may not have been assembled correctly ..

  8. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 6 days ago

    Linus is so bright about so many things, its seems uncharacteristic for him to be so completely uninformed about stars and such.

  9. Cooncat commented on FoxTrot 6 days ago

    I’m sure that if anyone did pass out carrot sticks, the police would be at their home 15 min. after the start of Trick or Treat. There are enough nuts ruining the tradition with befouled candy. Last year, I think I only got 12-15 kids all night .. I used to get 75-80.

  10. Cooncat commented on B.C. 7 days ago

    Candy Corn lasts forever … stock up in case of the Zombie Apocalypse!