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  1. Cooncat commented on Kliban about 7 hours ago

    I still don’t get it .. but I do like yams. I make a nice sandwich spread with a drained can of diced yams and Bush’s vegetarian beans (like pork ’n beans, but without the pork). Blend in a food processor and spread on toasted bread … you get the sweet of the yams, and the protein from the beans … yummy!

  2. Cooncat commented on Kliban's Cats about 7 hours ago

    Nice trophy shirt!

  3. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy about 8 hours ago

    On the rare occasion that one of my Maine Coon boys has to hurl a hairball, they usually do it next to the litter box. One time, one of them actually hurled IN the litter box .. now that was convenient!

  4. Cooncat commented on Garfield about 8 hours ago

    Since we’re talking about coffee flavored drinks, I would like to recommend a “float”, using a Russian Imperial Stout (that’s a style of beer to the uninformed) in a tall glass, with a good sized scoop of chocolate ice cream floated on top. Doesn’t get much better than that … really!

  5. Cooncat commented on Garfield about 8 hours ago

    She comes from “south of the border”, so she’s probably hispanic … like Speedy Gonzalez used to be, before he got canned by the PC Police.

  6. Cooncat commented on Kliban 1 day ago


  7. Cooncat commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    Someone needs a “5 hour energy drink” …

  8. Cooncat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 days ago

    I thought I saw that James Bond aqua-car being restored by the guys on “American Restoration”, to be put in some Florida museum.

  9. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 2 days ago

    typical psycho-dog ..

  10. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (sorry, looked at Foxtrot just before this …)