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  1. Cooncat commented on Peanuts about 20 hours ago

    Why is Linus in the same class as CB? I thought Linus was several years younger than CB.

  2. Cooncat commented on Kliban's Cats about 20 hours ago

    Garfield … the early days ..

  3. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    I was bicycling after work this year, and a big bumble bee hit me on the upper lip, scared the crap out of me. Didn’t get stung (I don’t think) but had a fat lip for a few days.

  4. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 4 days ago

    Next up: the Chinese water torture treatment … GO BUCKY!

  5. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 5 days ago

    In the Bizzaro comic strip world, a real mountain line would show up in the 5th panel and eat them both …

  6. Cooncat commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    I had a “Pumpkin Pie Donut” from “Dunkin’ donunts” the other day … wow was that good!

  7. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 6 days ago

    Get out the Red Ryder 200 shot BB rifle (with the thing in the stock) and shoot it before it gets away!

  8. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 7 days ago

    Hug a Pug? Pug Ugly? Frankly, I could never understand the attraction to that particular breed … or any of the small, yappy “fu-fu” like dogs for that matter.

  9. Cooncat commented on Kliban's Cats 8 days ago

    Looks like the scene from the Bogart flick, Casablanca …

  10. Cooncat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 8 days ago

    Guess the Hamilton’s weren’t very good shots. Perhaps if they’d had a 9mm ….