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  1. Goodheart commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    All the years I have read Luann Bernice has always been a wet blanket. Sarcasm means to cut flesh I do believe and Bernice is always ready to do just that. Don’t know why Luann considers her a friend. Always has a put down and many times Luann never caught on to them. I realize Luann needs to think this through but my friends would have been and are kinder when they want to help me make a smarter decision. Is Bernice jealous?

  2. Goodheart commented on Luann 3 months ago

    You don’t suppose that he will tutor her and lo and behold both Tiff and Gunth will actually find out she has a brain! That would be a nice arc to round her out as a character with more depth.

  3. Goodheart commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Has no one noticed that Nancy is calling Gunther’s mom Mrs Berger? What is with that, I never called the mom of my daughter’s friends by their married sir names and his mom is a guest in the DeGroot home so they must know her Fairly well after all these years.

  4. Goodheart commented on Luann 7 months ago

    So Knute is going to bring “Crystal” as a side? Meth came to mind. No one else noticed this faux pas? I don’t think Mr Evans had this in mind but it came to mine, and NO, I do not do those things…

  5. Goodheart commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Tifff sure has a lot of energy…i think Bernice could learn some social skills from Tiff. Oh and Tiff could learn study skills from Bernice, this is a good mix.

  6. Goodheart commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Some where in my memory bank I think it was MIlton Beryl…but that is only a guess as I think I remember it pre-dating Shelly Berman whom I loved. Boy we are sure dating ourselves!

  7. Goodheart commented on For Better or For Worse 11 months ago

    I had the same problem. Have no idea what is going on.

  8. Goodheart commented on Luann 11 months ago

    I better go to bed Mr EVANS, there I got it right finally…it is 3 am my time. bye

  9. Goodheart commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Ohhh, have you had Pumpkin empanadas? One of my favorites and I just dump quinoa into the vegetable soups that I make. Tasty.

  10. Goodheart commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Very good…wish I had thought of that as I do live in far south Texas.