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  1. Reynard61 commented on Francis about 13 hours ago

    @ pelican47, LadyKat & Saucy1121: I just hope that they don’t forget the tartar sauce like last time…

  2. Reynard61 commented on My Cage Classics 3 days ago

    @ Norm: No. No I wouldn’t. (And I’m pretty BEEEP sure that it’s a major factor in our national politics as well.)

  3. Reynard61 commented on Henry Payne 3 days ago

    “Policy Solutions”???

    I think it’s actually just pus from all that necrotic tissue in the rest of the Rethuglican Party’s so-called “brain”…

  4. Reynard61 commented on Heavenly Nostrils 10 days ago

    I learned this lesson very early in life: Don’t write it down if you don’t want it used against you. By the same token; if you believe in it enough to write it down, OWN it and defend it with everything you’ve got!

  5. Reynard61 commented on My Cage Classics 10 days ago

    @ NyukNyuk2000: [citation needed] Specifically the name of the show. I tried to find it in Google and Wikipedia but they both say that Gilligan’s Island was strictly from the mind of creator Sherwood Schwartz.

  6. Reynard61 commented on Red and Rover 11 days ago

    @ neverenoughgold: Probably the Sailor’s Hornpipe.

  7. Reynard61 commented on Ozy and Millie 13 days ago

    That prude is so rude! How crude! (Now I’m going to go eat some food while I play my oud…)

  8. Reynard61 commented on Red and Rover 18 days ago

    Imma just leave this here…

  9. Reynard61 commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    There’s a difference between a Guru and a fakier…

  10. Reynard61 commented on Stuart Carlson 19 days ago

    @ Hiram Bingham: LOL! Of course…