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9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. queenkimmie commented on Zen Pencils 4 months ago

    This is most definitely a personal belief and not an attack on any individual. This entire piece is completely and totally sad. It is every individual right to believe whatever he/she wants; however, the idea that this world is all their is is extremely depressing. I live for the day I go home to the Father.

  2. queenkimmie commented on Zen Pencils 5 months ago

    Props to any parent who supports their child with what they want to do in life.

  3. queenkimmie commented on Zen Pencils 5 months ago

    Great motivation! I will do this.

  4. queenkimmie commented on Drabble 6 months ago

    Put an apple next to the bananas. Be ripe in about an hour. AT least at my house they do.

  5. queenkimmie commented on Jane's World 6 months ago

    I’m sorry this is the weirdest comments trail I’ve read in awhile. Couldn’t just be that some women like Jeeps and some don’t and their preference for a partner in life doesn’t matter. Seriously, when did type of vehicle driven, name used, clothing worn, job title, or choice in life partner gave an accurate description of a person. Sorry folks got on my soap box. Shutting up, now.

  6. queenkimmie commented on Zen Pencils 7 months ago

    We should all stop and take him to know our parents while we have them instead of after.

  7. queenkimmie commented on The Buckets 8 months ago


    the problem in my area is it’s not the kids it’s the adults with small (very small) children in the vehicle listening to the music loudly.

  8. queenkimmie commented on Zack Hill 8 months ago

    Two ways to deal with bullies: (1) Ignore them – they only get power over you if you let them see it’s bothering you. (2) Walk up to them and knock the $#!! out of them. At least that worked for me around the time I was six years old haven’t had a problem with anyone since (41 years later).

  9. queenkimmie commented on For Better or For Worse 8 months ago


    I’m with you didn’t realize it wasn’t proper to associate with certain people as a child (honestly didn’t see the difference we all bleed red correct) until the adults in my life told me. Never have and still don’t understand why people get hung up on skin color, belief systems, lifestyles, income, accents, you name it.

    Shame on Ellie for thinking like an adult.

  10. queenkimmie commented on Jillpoke Bohemia 8 months ago

    No, I like the growth between the characters. She is awesome and great for Kieran. Each helps the other become a better person.