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  1. Tandembuzz commented on Thatababy 1 day ago

    Not very obscure…or am I just a major geek?

  2. Tandembuzz commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    I challenge you to prove Wally wrong. Produce an alien for Max to shoot. :-)

  3. Tandembuzz commented on Peanuts Begins 1 day ago

    What was it Charlie Brown said to Patty about a week ago? Ah, yes! “I get my laughs!” The dog’s on the other tie now, isn’t Charlie Brown?

  4. Tandembuzz commented on That is Priceless 3 days ago

    Which one is the captain’s mate? If she’s the one standing over by that other sailor, perhaps the captain is a bit miffed.

  5. Tandembuzz commented on Thatababy 3 days ago

    My older brother left a banana in his school-room desk for an entire term when he was in the first grade (we all wonder how he never opened his desk the whole time). When the teacher discovered the “growing mess”, my parents had to pay for a number of text books and a new desk!

  6. Tandembuzz commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 3 days ago

    Our gym classes were NEVER separated by sex (that sort of thing was generally frowned upon among the un-married); they WERE, however, segregated by GENDER after primary school. :-)

  7. Tandembuzz commented on Baldo 3 days ago

    Sly reference to the “butterfly effect”?

  8. Tandembuzz commented on Truth Facts 4 days ago

    I’ve showered in shower-tubs all my life, and the only “awkwardness” is that I’m tall and my head is usually at the same height as the shower head (same problem in shower-stalls). Our current tub is the Victorian claw-foot which came with our house (built in 1892), and the riser we have for that is long enough that I can actually put my head under the shower head.

  9. Tandembuzz commented on Francis 4 days ago

    I’m guessing Francis wins handily; he has so much more experience with the hoops and hurdles…and I’m willing to bet that Leo is kinder than the Curia!

  10. Tandembuzz commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    Have you seen what acid rain (and other pollutants) does to marble? Have a look at some ancient ruins: the statues have lost their faces, details, etc. The rock is no longer rock. Imagine what the “base” of our world looks like after this stuff seeps into the ground.