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  1. James Maxwell commented on Liberty Meadows 15 days ago

    I pulled that trick on my GF many years ago, She said “Fine”
    she woudl just sit there and let all the guys see her bare
    boobs. Stupid me, I let her back in immediately.

  2. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 25 days ago

    Should be Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton up there, maybe
    Shejackle lee, Maxine Waters Barbara Boxer or a slew
    of other Socialist democrats.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Drabble 27 days ago

    I have been buying cards for my wife for 38 years, birthday, Anniversary and other occasions she has always giggle
    like a school girl and put them away in her keepsake box.
    If she ever acted like Dribbles wife and made fun of one of them that would be the last one I would ever buy.

  4. James Maxwell commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    Back in 1958 a buddy of mine from HS decided to learn the guitar over the summer. First thing he discovered was you needed callus on your fingers. By the end of summers he
    was playing quite well and even managed to form a band. before our Senior year was over he had a Les Paul with a
    reverb and was making some decent money in New Orleans
    area. I ran across him in the military a few years later and he was still playing and using it to pick up girls.

  5. James Maxwell commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    That must be what happend to the weather in the U.S. it has
    gone crazy this year so far.

  6. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha about 1 month ago

    If you sign up for O’socialist care then maybe they can add
    your name to those who have. Currently the number who
    have signed up is very low and they need more people
    to pay, pay, pay, pay to continue the “Hype and Scam”
    debacle. They will gladly take your money but so far
    the doctors and hospitals say they haven’t seen a dime.

  7. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 2 months ago

    OMG, now we are being invaded by Polar Bears looking
    for a fat what like Al Gore to devour. Guess the North
    East will be in serious trouble when the Ice Bergs start
    forming on top of the building.

  8. James Maxwell commented on Luann 2 months ago

    Hum, Hot Tamale for supper tonight. I hope he has the
    strength to handle the fire he just lit or he will be like a
    moth in a flame.

  9. James Maxwell commented on Broom Hilda 2 months ago

    Wait till the tell her she has to buy Obama Health care. that
    should be fin when she get on the computer and they want
    her to wait till the cows come home.

  10. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 2 months ago

    And if you look at her record it becomes even stranger and
    especially when you see who got custody of her children
    when she divorced her husband who put her thru law school.
    and paid off her student loan. To say she has a spotted
    past is being kind.