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  1. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 5 days ago

    At least it wasn’t a La Raza or Muslim brother hood meeting or
    maybe a Black Panther conclave.

  2. James Maxwell commented on Liberty Meadows 9 days ago

    Remember this is Dean’ s Brain and the poor dog was only
    trying to save the world. Now you will have to deal with a
    dumb ass weiner filled with Deans brain. Either way this
    not gonna be prety.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Garfield 16 days ago

    Now if that was Lasagna he would have had it stack up
    in no time.

  4. James Maxwell commented on FoxTrot 16 days ago

    Paige needs to return the favor and watch him jump clean
    out of the page.

  5. James Maxwell commented on Prickly City 21 days ago

    Not at the expense of a Socialist Democratic Dictator ruling
    over us and controlling our lives.

  6. James Maxwell commented on Get Fuzzy 21 days ago

    Oh the joy of pulling the tape off and listening to his squalling. But then you have to worrie about what he will do to your
    shoes at night.

  7. James Maxwell commented on Ziggy about 1 month ago

    Wait till Obama care really kicks in next year and you get
    sticker shock and no treatment.

  8. James Maxwell commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    That is almost as bad as when I was stationed in Alaska next
    to the North Pole. I sent letter to nieces and nephews from
    Santa, also to some of the older ones as well. When they
    saw a hand written letter from Santa and telling them person
    things that had happen it almost gave some of them a
    heart attack. Especially when it was post marked North
    Pole. Scared the heck out of the little kids who had been
    bad and some of the parents also. They did not find out
    until we came back from up there.

  9. James Maxwell commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    The occupier in the White House does all the time in the
    Oval office. Guess we know where he came from!

  10. James Maxwell commented on Broom Hilda about 1 month ago

    Time to “ZAP” up some fish stick and tartar sauce.