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  1. eepatt commented on Chip Bok 3 days ago

    You are a little off in so much of your post that the whole thing is wrong. Fifty permanent jobs in this country after construction. The oil goes through our country, but none of it stays here—it goes to the gulf where it all will be exported. It will be refined here, so we get the pollution from the refining process. Check out how many tar sands pipeline breaks have already occurred and how the clean up has progressed. That stuff is more corrosive than regular crude and they want to build it over the Ogallala aquifer.(If you do not know what the Ogallala aquafer is, you should!) It’s a Canadian pipeline for Canadian oil, but British Columbia will not let the pipeline go through BC to a Canadian port. Why do you suppose that is? Corporations are spending huge amounts of money to elicit public and political support for this project. The “American public resisting the Keystone” do not have just the scientific evidence to guide them. Simple logic tells them that this project does the American people no benefit but lets us assume almost all of the risks. It appears to be just another example of big corporate motto: “Privatize our profits and socialize the risk.” Ask any big banker. You have swallowed the kool-aide my friend.

  2. eepatt commented on Frank & Ernest 5 days ago

    Two negatives make a positive in the English language(not in Russian!). Do two positives make a negative? “Yeah. Sure.”

  3. eepatt commented on Ken Catalino 25 days ago

    Obama’s scandals? That he is a fascist? That he is a socialist? That he is Kenyan? What scandals?

  4. eepatt commented on Baldo 27 days ago

    Source?! Rush? I strongly doubt your statement.

  5. eepatt commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    That’s her on the left. She was later killed in a traffic accident.

  6. eepatt commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Corrections to footnote: Mr. Cheney’s first name is “The”.

  7. eepatt commented on The Worst Thing I've Ever Done about 1 month ago


  8. eepatt commented on Darrin Bell 3 months ago

    You seem to be implying that because some black people do some bad things, it’s all right to shoot an unarmed black teenager. Are you trying to take over ConserveGov’s trolling job?

  9. eepatt commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    Mr. Anderson,

    This is one of the best, most relevent editorial cartoons ever. Yours are usually good, but this is exceptional.


  10. eepatt commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago

    I think his Sunday stuff is really good, but the reason he is not doing the daily strip is Alpha House. He is working on the second season. I saw the first season and it is without a doubt some of the best TV ever. It is worth it to me to give up his daiy strip in order to have more Alpha House. Trudeau is one of the best social commentators ever.