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  1. burleigh2 commented on Wizard of Id 11 days ago

    Sad but true… I can’t help but agree. :-s

  2. burleigh2 commented on Scary Gary 11 days ago

    Meh, he’s undead, he’ll be fine…

  3. burleigh2 commented on Savage Chickens 11 days ago

    Which is exactly what I did (along with most of us, I imagine). ;-)

  4. burleigh2 commented on Maria's Day 12 days ago

    I’m most confused by Maria’s question… why would SHE want to be “lady-like” when spitting? LOL!

  5. burleigh2 commented on Ink Pen 12 days ago

    Considering how much he squanders on beer and how he doesn’t seem to have any income, accompanied by the fact that he flies, I’m surprised he has a car at all. ;-)

  6. burleigh2 commented on Home and Away 12 days ago

    Yeah, anything looks good or decent when compared with the worst possible alternative. ;-)

    Look at gas prices! When we’ve seen almost $4.50/gallon, $2.50/gallon seems like a DREAM… but when gas was around $1/gallon, even seeing $2 was hard on the heart. :-s

  7. burleigh2 commented on Free Range 12 days ago

    And how can he remove a tattoo with a tattoo pen? :-s

  8. burleigh2 commented on Ink Pen 16 days ago

    And this was after the “try before you buy” statement on their door? :-s

  9. burleigh2 commented on Foolish Mortals 19 days ago

    Still nothing for this week? :-(

  10. burleigh2 commented on FoxTrot Classics 19 days ago

    Considering how long Paige has looked this age in the strip, I’m pretty sure she was a teenager when Rolaids were all the rage. ;-)

    Although this strip reminds me of the first time I heard this joke outside of TV… someone was making a poster and asked how to spell relief and 2 girls simultaneously spelled ROLAIDS, looked at each other, and giggled like it was the funniest thing.