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  1. burleigh2 commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 days ago

    No, Ginkgo Balboa isn’t a tea… that’s Rocky’s cousin. ;-)
    Ginkgo Biloba leaves could be made into a tea, but from all I’ve read about it, I wouldn’t imagine it would taste good if that’s the main ingredient. :-s

  2. burleigh2 commented on That's Life 11 days ago

    Ah, so they want a HORROR story, I see… hope it doesn’t keep them up. ;-)

  3. burleigh2 commented on Ollie and Quentin 11 days ago

    And that’s why you turn your phone OFF during a movie. ;-)

  4. burleigh2 commented on Big Nate 11 days ago

    So… instead of being named “T.A.” it’s actually “B.A.?” ;-)

  5. burleigh2 commented on Baldo 11 days ago

    He’s spent almost 2 decades raising Baldo… he’s EARNED his relaxation time. ;-)

  6. burleigh2 commented on Bewley 13 days ago

    My grandma was like that… she’d wake up:
    “I was watching that!”
    “You were sleeping.”
    “I was just resting my eyes!”
    “And snoring?” ;-)

  7. burleigh2 commented on Close to Home 18 days ago

    I’m wondering what’s hotter between a missile and a person. ;-)

  8. burleigh2 commented on Wizard of Id 20 days ago

    Essentially, yes… but the body goes into starvation mode after a while when you don’t eat enough (which is why it burns less when you eat less and can gain weight). You’ll stop losing weight if you eat nothing and it’s far from healthy.

  9. burleigh2 commented on Thatababy 20 days ago

    Not if they eat all of it… I could help! :D

  10. burleigh2 commented on Gray Matters 20 days ago

    No, that’s just what the drug companies WANT you to think! ;)