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  1. Wiselad commented on Luann about 17 hours ago

    pony no, but maybe a Mustang?

  2. Wiselad commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    the sad but doing their best are the NFL owners and goodell page

  3. Wiselad commented on Luann 3 days ago


  4. Wiselad commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    probably Tarzan thought, he will stay a while, let me get the authorities

  5. Wiselad commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    lot of women find it excusable in themselves to say, “I chose to go to a bar, and gave the drunk me the freedom to let myself loose”(or when thinking of others) while they “judge others” who chose to work “in the street” (is what they envision most when thinking of sex for hire) as most of the street ones are hooked on drugs, unlike the call girls and the ones in Nevada

  6. Wiselad commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I am guessing the insurance is not just the van, but all the equipment and such, but still……… 65K?. I was expecting at most 40K

  7. Wiselad commented on Luann 13 days ago

    1 dress simple yet stylish, never wear last year’s fashion
    2 take computer programming, should serve you well
    3 never forget to spell check before printing your homework essay
    4 is hard to get a good boy that is also popular, if you find one (coughQuillcough) never lose him
    5 always have a good email service and a good skype
    6 always keep your cell phone to know the time
    7 read the latest on the web news

  8. Wiselad commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    Pastis must be glad it was Goat, and not rat that came by

  9. Wiselad commented on Luann 17 days ago

    by the face, biggest critic of Lue is Puddles

  10. Wiselad commented on Pearls Before Swine 23 days ago

    he should pitch King Dumberger and Tack-Co Chick Hoo Away as MD foes