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  1. Dunestrider commented on Basic Instructions 12 months ago

    I’m going to put off paying taxes until April 15th. Maybe this U.S. vs. Russia thing will change things. Da? Nyet?

  2. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set 12 months ago

    If one uses the criteria of eating something because it is less intelligent, we would become cannibals.

  3. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set 12 months ago

    Ironically Bacon Bits is suitable for vegetarians.

  4. Dunestrider commented on Monty 12 months ago

    I never considered that this strip takes place in New Joisey. So I should imagine the characters talking in New Joisey accents.

  5. Dunestrider commented on Monty 12 months ago

    Whenever I do a project, I try to estimate how many trips to Menards it will take to complete. As in, “that there is a 6 Menards project”.

  6. Dunestrider commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 year ago

    For being a know-it-all, your own math leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. Dunestrider commented on Bloom County about 1 year ago

    Can he eat Quiche and still be considered celibate? I knew a woman who was proud to be a virgin, yet did everything but the horizontal hula.

  8. Dunestrider commented on Monty about 1 year ago

    So your massage had a sad ending?

  9. Dunestrider commented on The Dinette Set about 1 year ago

    Researchers say some dogs recognize over 200 words. I know my dog knew several words. If I told my wife, “we are almost out of dog treats”, and if my dog was within hearing range, I would have to spell out the word “treats”, otherwise my dog, Rani, would hear the word and get all excited.

  10. Dunestrider commented on Monty about 1 year ago

    Now read about my latest horror story with Walgreens. I needed to get 5mg predinosolone tablets. I called around. No one had them. I called Walgreens (my last resort, after my prior experience with them losing my prescription!). They said they had it. I clarified, “I am looking for predinosolone, not prednisone”. They confirmed. I went and placed the order and sat down; “20 minutes”, they said; we will call you. After 40 minutes passed, I asked them what was going on with my order. Turns out it WAS done, they didn’t bother to call me. I paid and started to leave. I figured I should check it. It was prednisone, and not predinosolone! I walked back and they were going to fix it. Then it turns out that they do not carry predinosolone in tablet form, only liquid form, so they had to contact my doctor (who had already gone home) to change the prescription. Finally it was straightened out. What started as a “20 minute wait” turned into 3 hours!