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  1. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup 15 minutes ago

    The tiny kingdom of Lesotho [pronounced Le-soo-to] is very cold and gets snow regularly. It is not part of South Africa though; it is entirely independent. Google tells me that there are snow resorts in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains.

  2. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup 22 minutes ago

    Hi Kab, I’m sorry but I have no idea how much snow falls in the rest of Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro gets snow on its peaks but by and large Africa is a very hot country.

  3. JoanHelen commented on Ten Cats 29 minutes ago

    Rest in Peace, dear Linda. You brightened up this strip with your beautiful cat pictures, your love for animals and your fellow-beings. Thank you, Ruth for stepping in and keeping us informed about Linda’s daily progress. You are grieving now because you have lost a wonderful friend but Linda will live in your heart and in your memories for evermore. I give thanks that Linda has been released from her pain and discomfort. May her beloved cats be loved and cherished by someone who understands their needs.

  4. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup about 20 hours ago

    Kab Buch, I replied to your question about the snow on yesterday’s strip.

  5. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup about 20 hours ago

    Snow falls are mostly only in the mountains, but in the higher ground and parts of the Cape Province they often get snowfalls. I live in the eastern half of the country and it is much warmer. Snow is virtually unheard of here; there is a record of light snow falling for about 15 minutes in about 1910. Durban tends to be the winter playground of South Africa because our winters are generally very mild. The past week has been an exception.

  6. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup 2 days ago

    Actually it’s only the Cape that has a winter rainfall, the rest of South Africa has summer rains and in the case of the highveld, in the interior, they have a lot of thunder and lightening storms. We do get some thunder storms but not as regularly as Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. This past week we have all been shivering due to a storm that blew across the country from the Atlantic. Some areas had temperatures as low as minus 9 Centigrade which is very cold for South Africa. The Cape got it first; high speed winds, rain and snow and they had some really, really cold days. We are beginning to thaw out a bit but even here in Durban it is much colder than usual.

  7. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup 10 days ago

    Happy Independence Day, American commenters. Enjoy your holiday and your barbecues

  8. JoanHelen commented on Ten Cats 20 days ago

    Laughing out loud, I can identify with this picture. I had a great-aunt, many years ago, who derived the greatest delight in crocheting the most hideous garments in the most hideous colours for birthday and Christmas gifts. I was the recipient of a weird looking waistcoat [US vest] for my six-month old baby girl. The family is littered with garish-coloured tea-cosies, gloves, scarves etc. Poor old soul, she did it all with love in her heart and that is what counts in the end, doesn’t it?

  9. JoanHelen commented on Ten Cats 24 days ago

    You’re right there, 2old, Fawlty Towers was absolutely brilliant. Even on radio it was great. Long after the show had ended one of our radio stations used to play extracts on the early AM comedy slot. I wonder if YouTube has any videos. I’m off to find out.

  10. JoanHelen commented on Stone Soup 24 days ago

    Well handled, Val. :-)) My grandmother would have done something similar. I was never allowed to sit around loafing; I soon learnt how to keep a low profile and keep myself occupied.