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  1. Jeff0811 commented on Get Fuzzy about 15 hours ago

    The only one I know by heart, We have met the enemy, and he is us.

  2. Jeff0811 commented on Drabble about 24 hours ago

    We bought an apple slicer, removed the core and everything. It lasted for about 3 apples, then fell apart.

  3. Jeff0811 commented on Bliss about 24 hours ago

    My daughters were ambivalent about getting their learner’s permit, Being able to legally drink, that was a different story.

  4. Jeff0811 commented on Basic Instructions about 24 hours ago

    Kahn Jenkins…Has kind of a nice ring to it. When the kid writes on the wall or something, the parents can pretend they’re in the Star Trek movie…KAHN!!!

  5. Jeff0811 commented on Soup to Nutz 2 days ago

    Such sage advice will stand the test of thyme. Just don’t try to parse Lee.

  6. Jeff0811 commented on Maria's Day 2 days ago

    I like how the rope comes to a complete stop in the middle panel. It’s like she is coming back to reality one step at a time. On another note, I kind of had a thing for Yvonne Craig back in the day.

  7. Jeff0811 commented on Loose Parts 2 days ago

    With the right staff, you can do anything.

  8. Jeff0811 commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Go by the portion control on the label. For a bag of mini cookies, the recommended portion is usually about 9 cookies. I did that with a bag of cookies once, the bag lasted me 3 days.

  9. Jeff0811 commented on Adam@Home 2 days ago

    I really hope Adam doesn’t give in to peer pressure. And I hope Katie doesn’t turn into a bully.

  10. Jeff0811 commented on Real Life Adventures 3 days ago

    Though not mentioned, I get the feeling this is not the first request. I agree, asking nicely is preferred, and usually gets better results. It seems though she is exercising all her options.