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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

Ballard Street

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  1. Lefty2 commented on Half Full about 8 hours ago

    oh, so there IS a difference between fire flies and lightening bugs.

  2. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street 4 days ago

    Shirley you are so far ahead of the game. Over the top. Plan B never looked so good. Roger not so much. What are you doing in your pajamas, in the middle of the afternoon? How does a grown man fall out of the house window backwards? Are you doing that walking with your eyes closed meditation again? Well cut it out. Who walked off the end of the dock, you did. Who walked into the alley on garbage day, you did. Who got lost coming home from the Rodent Pot Luck Dinner, you did. Grab the rope, do your best, good thing you got Shirley as a partner.

  3. Lefty2 commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show 9 days ago

    I so enjoy your comments!

  4. Lefty2 commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    Hydrox were the cookies we had as kids. Much better than oreo.

  5. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    B9, I17, B2 where are you. I can’t stand it any more, won’t take this abuse, I’ve had enough, it’s not fun any more, I won’t go, won’t play, I’ll never smile again. I hate everything. I done it right, I’m a good person, I pay my dues, why is this happening to me. I hate everything. I try hard, I do, ask anyone. I can’t stand it; its not luck, its something else; a dark force, like a disease, always there dragging me down. Next time I’m wearing my lucky socks and taking an umbrella, I’ll have doughnuts for dinner and everything will be perfect.

  6. Lefty2 commented on Twaggies about 1 month ago

    we need a new Twaggies

  7. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Russell a man of Fab, always a fashion statement, bedroom eyes, cheap sunglasses and tasteless jewelry. Moma’s cutest baby and adorable child. Never played sports; quit the Boy Scouts; never went swimming (back hair you know); loved Elvis; a child of the 60’s; big hair spell in the 70’s, sold used typewriters in the 80’s; drank his way through the 90’s; caught millennium fever in 2000; retired in 2010 and is now back to drinking. Yes Russell, one look at that shirt and we can see there is a lot of stuff you never got over.

  8. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street 3 months ago

    Cory has had a multitude of Gene’s adequate sufficiency, yes that would be a multitude of sufficiency. Nevertheless Cory couldn’t help but noticing Gene’s tie accented the smile, of course as Shirley has often said, a man is never adequately dressed without his pocket protector. Gene is a colorful character, if he would added another quarter million to his 401 he would have qualified for eccentric status. Adequate is OK for Ballard Street as long as he knows the words to “Strawberry Field”, fishes at least twice a year and has a dog with a kid’s name.

  9. Lefty2 commented on Cornered 3 months ago

    Actually, socks and sandals are the in thing now. Go figure.

  10. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street 3 months ago

    Shirley you have every right to be concerned. Arthur is spending way to much time with Carl. He needs to get back to the garage and waste his time there, doing something. Reggie is confused, the kids won’t come over, Stan doesn’t call and Ernie is out of the picture all together. That’s the risk you run Arthur, some will simply give up on you. But not me! I will say however you look much better in red with your blue suede shoes. As soon as my cow suit gets back from the cleaners I’ll come over and we can play gin rummy.