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Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

Ballard Street

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  1. Lefty2 commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show 22 days ago

    WOW! Excellent!

  2. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street 26 days ago

    Very rare, uncommonly intelligent and resourceful, the North American Gray Raccoon is the prankster and rascal in any urban neighborhood. Often traveling in pairs or families, these critters as lovable and playful as they are can cause havoc on any block and Ballard Street is no exception. Bob had invited these late night trouble makers into the yard by hiding bits of bologna and old carrots in empty flower pots and under the garage down spouts and the game was on. First they took every light bulb they could unscrew and buried them in the alley behind Trooper’s yard. Then for fun they chewed holes in the garden hose. They glued the mail box flag to the side and filled the box with Bob’s favorite rocks. They filled Shirley’s three buckle galoshes with potting soil and carried off her gloves. Then they painted dancing nymphs on the garage door and hung every tool from the chest in the tree with fishing line. They strung Christmas lights around the bird bath so it was no surprise to hear them playing jiggle bells on the car horn. How cute.

  3. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    OH no…Stop the action, this can’t be happening. I see it, I know, but what is it? Is it a metaphorical, is it a vision of what is to come, is it imagination gone wild, no it’s checks and dots and life on Ballard Street. Again, Merrill you have taken the path less traveled, more to the point you have taken a path unknown, uncharted and fairly “f” bombing far out. Organic I will give you that. Native, yes. Primitive, yes. Hard to imagine neither of you took the time to change into the appropriate costume. Where are the feathers, the ankle bells, no paint, no smoke, no turtle sacrifice, when are you going to release the pigeons? What ever it is, get it done, the guests are arriving and if they see this, they will freak out. Remember the time you took a goat fishing, how about the time the cow got off bus at the down town hub and had no place to go, remember Ruby Tuesday, remember Walter’s advice he told you not to call again didn’t he. On the Monopoly Board of life you have just passed Go and then some. Shirley we will discuss this later, for now all I can say is, “oh my goodness”.

  4. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Jerry Van Amerongen, this is your subconscious calling. I’m actually vacationing on a small tropical island on the edge of reality, near the limits of a measurable amount, not far from the heights of hysteria; I know you know the place. Usually I wouldn’t let anything interrupt my good time, being the person I am, you know the type, since I’m you, you know. Anyway, I just had to say something, even though I’m sure you’re listening, nothing will be done because the damage has been done. Shirley doesn’t look like Shirley and Dorothy looks like Stan. I’m not sure you’re still on the planet, but if you’re anywhere near Toledo call Shirley’s sister and apologize. Frankly I’m a little nervous, since I re-upped for the long haul; I certainly didn’t see this coming. I must admit, today is one of those days I wish I was an orphan, sometimes it’s better just not to know.

  5. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    @Happy – just noticed today I couldn’t go back. I use Internet Explorer normally so I went into Google Chrome to see if I could access them and still couldn’t. Hmpf – An aggravation.

  6. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the previous years of Ballard cartoons? I open up the little calendar where you choose the month, day and year but for me the only year available is 2014. I used to be able to go years back and find cartoons.

  7. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Tony I know it’s been rough; wearing a dress to work didn’t help, wasn’t what you were looking for, not what you expected either. Trading your dots for checks is a good start, could probably lose the bow tie, a bit formal for a man in your condition. Speaking of condition, I see you have doubled up on your meds or perhaps your friends in Colorado sent a care package, either way don’t drive or play poker. I’m wondering what happened to the battle ready guy I used to know. You were the one standing on his bowling ball, you were the first to zip line on Ballard Street, and you were the only one who tail gated at the Petunia Parade. Grab hold Tony, hang on and hang in, find a mission and take the step. Never mind, its chicken salad Tuesday and daily light saving is on the way, better wait another week.

  8. Lefty2 commented on Ballard Street about 1 month ago

    Glenn we should talk. I know these are probably the most feared four words in any language that a guy could hear, but honestly critical mass doesn’t even begin to describe what’s on the horizon. Cool hand Luke said it best, but Shirley has added the exclamation point. Forget about the No Sweat meetings, you blew right through that façade of what it means to be a heavy hitter on Ballard Street. Let’s just look at the record shall we? In the beginning was the beginning and everything was new and exciting. So taking your queue from Shirley, that it was really your life to explore, you headed straight into your creative mode to uncovered your deeper being. Wrong, just simply stupid on your part. Shirley has scripted your life since the day you met and further more you were the one happy to stand in line waiting to play your lead in the romantic action story she so cleverly wrote. So what happen? I’ll tell what happened. You went from boring bells, to a D flat harmonica, to a wash tub base, to electric chimes, kazoos, recorders, finger click clack things, a wash board, blow bottles, knee cymbals, back to bongos and finally the $899.99 double chrome twin Tom-Tom drum set which is now the strangest lawn ornament on the block. I guess you’re happy now.

  9. Lefty2 commented on The LeftyBosco Picture Show about 1 month ago

    oooo . . . . in living color!

  10. Lefty2 commented on Speechless about 1 month ago

    Sleepless in Seattle