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  1. John Powe commented on Pearls Before Swine about 19 hours ago

    Martin Baker or Escapac in my day!

  2. John Powe commented on In the Bleachers about 19 hours ago

    We used to play Basketball in the Hanger Deck of Aircraft Carriers. Remember losing a couple of Balls over the side of the open aircraft elevators. Never lost a player though. Although we did lose the Hanger Deck Officer off of the elevator once, during moving aircraft up to the Flight Deck. We did get him back though. USN 65-95

  3. John Powe commented on Get a Life about 19 hours ago

    According to that X-Ray, in order to make the Brain Diagnosis he would have to have his head up his…, Oh well that would be true to try and do his own Taxes also!

  4. John Powe commented on The Born Loser about 19 hours ago

    It was so Bad, that he’s almost Glad he’s Home!

  5. John Powe commented on Pearls Before Swine about 19 hours ago

    That was actually a part of my job. A Navy Pilot ejected in one I did the final inspection on in 1984. USN 65-95

  6. John Powe commented on Animal Crackers about 20 hours ago

    Escargot anyone?

  7. John Powe commented on Loose Parts 2 days ago

    Put a Spark in your Life with Milk of Magneto!

  8. John Powe commented on Bound and Gagged 2 days ago

    Was that movie filmed with a Fisheye Lens?

  9. John Powe commented on Adam@Home 2 days ago

    Real Life can be Scary enough!

  10. John Powe commented on Frank & Ernest 2 days ago

    If the tree bark damage is greater than 50%, the life of the tree is at risk. He close to needing the Tree Doctor.