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  1. Kylop commented on Clay Jones 3 days ago

    Clay, congress has the very important business to attend to of raising funds so they can get re-elected. If the people didn’t approve of this they wouldn’t keep voting for the same representatives.

  2. Kylop commented on Steve Benson 3 days ago

    Netanyahu is not motivated by peace.

  3. Kylop commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    There will be more folks who decide to run for president. If one thinks back to 2011 at this time there were also a range of candidates. We are so far from the primaries or election that speculating now is not much different than “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

  4. Kylop commented on Drew Sheneman 4 days ago

    Morty is a Tyrant. There wouldn’t be a “Federal” in his “initiatives”

  5. Kylop commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    Mike, as you’ve drawn it Netanyahu represents all of Israel. You certainly don’t feel Obama represents all of the U.S. -please try to process the information that all of Israel doesn’t stand lock step behind Netanyahu.

  6. Kylop commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    Clay, maybe its just me but I look at the drawing the in elephant’s closet and and can’t say “Oh it’s….”. Need some work on the drawing.

  7. Kylop commented on Tom Toles 5 days ago

    Tom…is there a “walk it off” joke here?

  8. Kylop commented on Matt Davies 5 days ago

    Matt, please. Starbucks would never show themselves having lower market share than Keurig

  9. Kylop commented on Henry Payne 23 days ago

    Henry, Bibi is Jewish. The halo thing? We don’t do that.

  10. Kylop commented on Mike Luckovich 26 days ago

    That happened years ~20 years ago. Is this a re-run? Mike, some new ’toons please.