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  1. RootsInDM commented on Baldo about 3 hours ago

    “Verle” could be a person’s proper name. Sergio and Mando are each greeted by name, so Verle could be the third.

  2. RootsInDM commented on Real Life Adventures about 13 hours ago

    Which way to the coffee machine? Might be a nice quiet place to work for a guy like Wally.

  3. RootsInDM commented on In the Bleachers about 13 hours ago

    Pig bladders haven’t been widely used in footballs since the 1860’s, and the outside is cowhide. Of course, the expression “the old pigskin” is still in wide use, but just not real pig skins. I will say that eating raw bacon is not a very attractive idea.

  4. RootsInDM commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 13 hours ago

    Not necessarily. There are a lot of highly visible stars in the night sky within 50 to 100 light years that are probably still doing quite well. Probably more likely that you’ll make a wish on a planet, as they are brighter and therefore more likely to be the first “star” you see tonight.

  5. RootsInDM commented on Baldo about 13 hours ago

    Foreshadowing, I suspect, so habla Ingl├ęs, and quickly now. Of course, 3 old men playing dominoes in the park aren’t a real threat to anybody, but I’m guessing we’re about to get a civics lesson.

  6. RootsInDM commented on Adult Children about 13 hours ago

    Claremont might prefer to watch Lassie reruns, or perhaps Rin-Tin-Tin if he’s feeling particularly macho. I had a dog that totally freaked out from the soundtrack in the jungle scene segment of the King Kong movie with Jack Black. He did enjoy watching Brittany Spears, however, with her dance routines. When she was on Saturday Night Live he got down off the sofa and moved quickly over to the TV and stared intently until her number was over. Then went back to the sofa.

  7. RootsInDM commented on Adult Children 2 days ago

    My experience as an extra came on the NBC series, Revolution, during the 2013-2014 season. It was interesting – a bucket-list sort of thing – but not something I’ll probably do again. George Burns last film – was that “Radioland Murders?”

  8. RootsInDM commented on Adult Children 2 days ago

    I think Berle would be a natural as an extra in the movie business. Most of the job is sitting around, punctuated by bursts of activity in 30 second spurts that seem to be repeated almost endlessly, followed by sitting around, etc. Pay isn’t all that good, but it is a paid job, and benefits include free food.

  9. RootsInDM commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    The existential crisis explained, expressed and quenched in 4 panels. Brialliant.

  10. RootsInDM commented on Adult Children 3 days ago

    I think “alarm system” instead of “gun” in the first panel would have been more accurrate, given Claremont’s size. I don’t think he’d be much better than a pair of toenail clippers in a fight.