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  1. Shays_ghost commented on Real Life Adventures 10 months ago

    Sounds like my cat.

  2. Shays_ghost commented on Garfield 10 months ago

    I never let my cat in my room when I go to bed.

  3. Shays_ghost commented on B.C. over 2 years ago


  4. Shays_ghost commented on PreTeena almost 4 years ago

    Where’s today’s strip? I see the comments but no strip!

  5. Shays_ghost commented on PreTeena almost 4 years ago

    What’s with this Website today? There’s no strip; only comments.

  6. Shays_ghost commented on PreTeena about 4 years ago

    THIS one is the strip I commented about before! The one where Teena gets sick and dreams that she’s a hot woman.

  7. Shays_ghost commented on PreTeena over 4 years ago

    hawgowar, a few years ago Teena was suffering from from a fever and was imaging and saying out loud, “I’m so hot,’ while imaging she was in her early twenties and on a beach.

    I don’t remember the date the strip first appeared, though.