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  1. dzw3030 commented on Scott Stantis about 2 hours ago

    I’ve complained about moderates here in the US not speaking out for some time. Moderates are protected by US law and custom. They can speak freely but do not.

  2. dzw3030 commented on Stone Soup about 6 hours ago

    My buddy launching his boat in the water, forgetting to put in the drain plug. Loved the expression on his face. :-)

  3. dzw3030 commented on Prickly City about 6 hours ago

    It is safer than hand feeding lions and tigers and bears, oh my! :-)

  4. dzw3030 commented on Pickles about 7 hours ago

    Don’t buy cheap tissue.

  5. dzw3030 commented on Pickles about 7 hours ago

    Are you a litter bug? You throw yours on the ground?

  6. dzw3030 commented on PC and Pixel about 7 hours ago

    Spin = Lies in motion

  7. dzw3030 commented on Lola about 7 hours ago

    Nero used that shape to crucify some of his victims, upside down. What’s left of his spirit is spinning in Hades, fanning flames.

  8. dzw3030 commented on Moderately Confused 1 day ago

    Cats are opportunists. They will kill what they can. Too many feral or uncontrolled cats, will reduce all the birds as well as the rodents. It’s just the way the fuzzy little darlings are.

  9. dzw3030 commented on Ziggy 1 day ago

    Who would be crazy enough to want to play the saxophone, oh wait…

  10. dzw3030 commented on Strange Brew 1 day ago

    Terry Pratchett got an offer to film his book, Reaper Man. The movie folk asked him to rewrite the story without that creepy DEATH character. DEATH was, of course, the protagonist/hero of the book. (shameless promotion, the book is hysterical)