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  1. dzw3030 commented on Rubes about 13 hours ago

    Too bad that doesn’t work for launching into orbit. ;-)

  2. dzw3030 commented on Rose is Rose about 14 hours ago

    I remember people burning leaves in the street (gutter) when I was 5 or so. Riding a bike through leave piles was fun as long as I didn’t have to rake up the mess. :-)

  3. dzw3030 commented on Prickly City about 14 hours ago

    Faith depends on what your definition of ISIS is…

  4. dzw3030 commented on Frazz about 15 hours ago

    If we could harness all the energy in these excessive analyses we’d solve the energy crisis without fusion.

  5. dzw3030 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 15 hours ago

    “steinbeck really enjoyed depression.” He did; that’s about all he wrote about. The exception I know of was “The Log from the sea of Cortez”. Totally off subject.

  6. dzw3030 commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 15 hours ago

    The shortest distance doesn’t involve useless jumping.

  7. dzw3030 commented on Bound and Gagged about 15 hours ago


  8. dzw3030 commented on Baldo about 15 hours ago

    The first date is always a bust.

  9. dzw3030 commented on Adam@Home about 15 hours ago

    My 1/2 brother loaned me a Heinlein novel when I was nine. I was astonished I could check out more of them from the Library. I’m sure the librarian was pleased with the skinny kid who kept coming back for more.It’s still “So many books, so little time.” :-)

  10. dzw3030 commented on Wizard of Id 1 day ago

    You’re right on track. You’ve nothing to say so you go off topic and try to belittle what you can’t, or won’t, understand.