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  1. dzw3030 commented on Red and Rover about 9 hours ago


  2. dzw3030 commented on John Deering about 15 hours ago

    Fox uses the word “unconfirmed” quite a lot when info is unconfirmed. Amazing…

  3. dzw3030 commented on Red and Rover about 15 hours ago

    Your right. I’ve read some of Gerrold’s stories but not those books. Do you remember a title?

  4. dzw3030 commented on The Buckets about 15 hours ago

    It didn’t work for me. I got slapped after the comment about fat girls.

  5. dzw3030 commented on Henry Payne about 19 hours ago

    You’re living up to your avatar with a hateful twist.

  6. dzw3030 commented on John Deering about 19 hours ago

    And this Ebola Czar didn’t show up at the first meeting on the problem. Perhaps because he knew he doesn’t have a medical background and couldn’t speak intelligently on the subject? He’s gonna be a lot of help…

  7. dzw3030 commented on Matt Davies about 19 hours ago

    The problem with the Muslim “Barrel” is that millions of the apples believe violence against non-believers is justified. Even if they don’t take up arms (knives, axes), they support the violence.

  8. dzw3030 commented on Rubes about 20 hours ago

    :-) I just flashed a mental image of a burglar creeping into your house after dark. “Go Kitties!”

  9. dzw3030 commented on Rose is Rose about 20 hours ago

    Maybe the “humor” is in the contrast? We expect humans to break stuff, we do it all the time. When a cat breaks something, it’s an event. All my friends who have cats never complained about breakage.

  10. dzw3030 commented on Red and Rover about 20 hours ago

    I always wondered if the Star Trek writers ever gave credit to Robert Heinlein’s “Flat Cats” (Red Planet and the Rolling Stones)? There are strong similarities between Flat Cats and Tribbles.