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  1. dzw3030 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 18 hours ago

    I think the version I remembered was by “The New Christy Minstrels”. But the Limelighters version is much better. Thanks again…

  2. dzw3030 commented on Stone Soup about 22 hours ago

    Phd’s have to publish “something” no matter how trivial, or their certificates will fade and they will be sneered at on the playground.

  3. dzw3030 commented on Shoe about 22 hours ago

    So, Doctor A. Toe would be a podiatrist?

  4. dzw3030 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 23 hours ago

    Singing & dancing in the rain, maybeso. Riding motorcycles in the rain, not so much.

  5. dzw3030 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 23 hours ago

    The law of gravity is selectively enforced. The higher you try to lift an object, the heavier it becomes.

  6. dzw3030 commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    I do, for one. In some circumstances, a land line is necessary and the machine screens for politicians and other hucksters.

  7. dzw3030 commented on The Buckets 2 days ago

    Your #2 point (apt number) is the sort of over generalization that justifies prejudice. Kick back, chill & remember, it’s a cartoon; “No serious thoughts were intended.”

  8. dzw3030 commented on Bound and Gagged 2 days ago

    Your wish is granted. There’s a nasty strain of canine flu in the US that’s killing dogs.

  9. dzw3030 commented on Henry Payne 3 days ago

    I joke about driving a stretch Mini, the Clubman. I can get two people in the back and still have room for some groceries.

  10. dzw3030 commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    Don’t perpetuate a lie. Both the local DA and the FBI found no evidence of that. The DOJ went after the police dept. for civil rights violations because they had to keep President Obama happy. If the DOJ digs deep enough, they could make a nice guy like you look bad.