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  1. Dean commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    The dog was in a parachute?

  2. Dean commented on Andy Capp 5 days ago

    I just heard about T-rays! Between microwaves and infrared is the Terahertz frequency band of electromagnetic energy.

  3. Dean commented on Tarzan 13 days ago

    Student loan?

  4. Dean commented on Stone Soup 16 days ago

    Best place to nap, but watch out for sunburn.

  5. Dean commented on Andy Capp 16 days ago


  6. Dean commented on Stone Soup 18 days ago

    I also understand “Dry Cleaners” charge more for woman’s items.

  7. Dean commented on Doonesbury 21 days ago

    Ah, those were the days when one could actually understand what he was saying.

  8. Dean commented on Peanuts 27 days ago

    After 6 innings it is official.

  9. Dean commented on Fred Basset 27 days ago

    Assuming Fred knows how to walk off at the end without getting his claws caught in the mechanism. This is why animals are not allowed on escalators.

  10. Dean commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    They’re, there, their ……