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  3. ReneTray commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    You shoulda seen snowflake. A definate May-December romance. In LA have a former governor-83 with a wife at 32. They have a son.

  4. ReneTray commented on FoxTrot 5 months ago

    Not in the cold weather, you don’t!

  5. ReneTray commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    Yes, especially the last panel.

  6. ReneTray commented on Pluggers 5 months ago

    Another song was released and it was almost scaraligous. In that version was Big John was lying in state when a woman lissed and he rose from death.

  7. ReneTray commented on Emmy Lou 5 months ago

    Yes at San Francisco. It’s suppose to be the guys who take their dates to scary movies.

  8. ReneTray commented on For Better or For Worse 5 months ago

    Had a boxer that when my father left the bed he would take his place. He found out because he forgot something. He saw him and “fussed” at him. He wagged his stubby tail.

  9. ReneTray commented on Shutterbug Follies 5 months ago

    Pretty good deductions of the feet on the bathtub positioning.

  10. ReneTray commented on Luann 5 months ago

    In one country if you don’t vote you are fined. There are some countries where it is mandatory to vote.