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  1. twonky commented on Over the Hedge about 16 hours ago

    First strip where RJ has a mouth!

  2. twonky commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Early on I remember a certain ‘rhino’ stuffing her face with Twinkies. The radiation turned organic matter to dust, but not Twinkies!

  3. twonky commented on My Cage Classics 9 days ago

    Yeah. I was wondering if it might belong to a later date. We will have to wait and see.

  4. twonky commented on Arlo and Janis 10 days ago

    Escargot are near the top of my list of favorites. New Zealand green lipped mussels (as chowder) are on top at this time.

  5. twonky commented on Over the Hedge 15 days ago

    Also, black widow spiders do NOT spin a neat web.

  6. twonky commented on Non Sequitur 16 days ago

    check this link http://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/fashion/daily/2014/07/31/31-peach-butts.o.jpg/a_4x-horizontal.jpg

  7. twonky commented on Over the Hedge 23 days ago

    Eww! Racoon foot!

  8. twonky commented on My Cage Classics 24 days ago

    Pardon me a moment as I wipe a tear away. Excellent strip!

  9. twonky commented on Endtown 27 days ago

    Because that is not Sarah.

  10. twonky commented on MythTickle 27 days ago

    Drawn down to be transported to his physical body?