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  1. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 1 day ago

    Wonderful, wonderful seeing Joel featured!!!! He is always so wise, and philosophical. Part of it is of course his nature, but I suspect a small part is also due to his pipe tobacco. Wish I knew what brand he used to fill his pipe. Thank you Mr. Scancarelli for the wonderful Sunday comic!!!!

  2. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Always followed people who are stronger than you, eh Gunthie?!? Well, that sure as hell has BEEN true. But, are you seriously saying that is how you want your life to continue?!?!?
    That statement is akin to saying that you LIKE being and want to CONTINUE being a castrated bull being led around by a rope tied to the ring in your nose. That is, to me, utterly pathetic.
    I am all for Gunthie having some sort of relationship/romance, perhaps even with Tiffany…. but I sure don’t think that a relationship is the key to Gunthie having “happiness” or getting over his “funk” or whatever he is suggesting.
    Unfortunately, to me, this is the WORST turn of events I could have anticipated for Gunthie. It is actually annoying. It will color negatively any sort of “relationship” or “goal” he eventually (and apparently is WANTING to be) LED into.
    No convictions or desires of his own… just a puppet being led wherever by some puppet master he willing submits to.

  3. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Frazz 3 days ago

    If Frazz did not want to golf, he really should have simply said so. It was not particularly nice or fair to Coach Hacker to pretend to want to go.

  4. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    You are not married, eh? :)

  5. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    RB2… I do not think it would be creepy if that is the totality of their family.

  6. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Yes, I am indeed a professor. A bit on the stereotypical side… but only because it is a comfortable fit.

  7. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I agree with you, seismic-2. Calculus and physics are both very engineering related. However, they aren’t technically engineering courses. And yes, hopefully he has taken a full load of courses and would have an additional course or courses as well. But, more and more of my students take the minimum to be considered “full time” for aid and other considerations. So, Gunther might be only taking those three. And, depending on the engineering program, some engineering schools want you to have a semester or two of courses under your belt before you get an engineering course…. and others as you suggest, may have a freshman level introductory course in engineering.

  8. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I really think RB2, that saying the family having family photographs on the wall is creepy and unnatural is QUITE odd. In my home, I have a myriad of shots of me, my wife, my kids, grandkids, my pets, my….. FAMILY all over the house. I would suggest MOST folks do this very thing.
    Although many of your speculations are fun to read and ride the edge of possibility in interesting ways…. I do think the statement that photos on the wall are there to be showing how their family is “creepy and unnatural” is off the mark today.

  9. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    RB2… actually…. Gunther isn’t taking any engineering classes at the moment. He is taking calculus, biology lab (always stated as lab….. but where the hell is the lecture?) and I believe one other non-engineering class. My interpretation is that he is “bummed” with the whole college “thing” at the moment…. which is frustrating in and of itself. Regardless of which career he wants, he will benefit from college and he should embrace it while he is there.

  10. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Thank you, Sherriff! It is interesting to hear about all the things that go on to allow us to view the final product here.
    Although I now understand the real reason for the color differences, I still think it is rather fun to speculate on potential socio-political and/or philosophical reasons for the difference…. even though it is really just nonsensical given the real explanation. :)