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  1. Barry44 commented on Poptropica 13 days ago

    Hey Kory, When can we expect more Lost Side Suburbia?

  2. Barry44 commented on Beardo 16 days ago

    There’s nothing crazy about wanting to be a mother.

  3. Barry44 commented on Barkeater Lake about 1 month ago

    I was thinking more of a GeneralPatton voice.

  4. Barry44 commented on The Martian Confederacy 3 months ago

    So why are you reading it, then?

  5. Barry44 commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    No one deserves to die like that -NO ONE. But did you have to do this comment on every single strip? I think he gets the point. Everyone makes mistakes, especially with an unfamiliar language. Give him a break.

  6. Barry44 commented on Legend of Bill 4 months ago

    Val Kilmer

  7. Barry44 commented on Imagine This 6 months ago

    Is this a monthly strip?

  8. Barry44 commented on Beardo 6 months ago

    I had an uncle that did that. Twice in ten minutes.

  9. Barry44 commented on Shutterbug Follies 7 months ago

    Not a telescope – a camera lens.

  10. Barry44 commented on Dinosaur Comics 7 months ago

    I remember Hob Gadling! I wonder how many people know who he is?