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  1. Jen commented on The Middletons 1 day ago

    Women look the most beautiful when they just appreciate what God has already given them. Most men hate their wives/girlfriends all painted up and hair cut so short they have to use artificial means to look like they naturally should.

  2. Jen commented on Stone Soup 7 days ago

    Evie was proposed to before Phil proposed to Valerie. This should shake up the household.

  3. Jen commented on Fort Knox 15 days ago

    Typical young brothers.

  4. Jen commented on Gray Matters 20 days ago

    A liposuction patch? I’d try it.

  5. Jen commented on Red and Rover 23 days ago

    Wonderful strip! Yes, I was blessed with summer nights like this.

  6. Jen commented on Jump Start 23 days ago

    Good strip. Hope the perp doesn’t try to say Crunchy used unnecessary force.

  7. Jen commented on Gray Matters 26 days ago

    Wow, I remember those signs. This must be a strip about Pennsylvania.

  8. Jen commented on Gray Matters 28 days ago

    “Daninmanhole”- does he mean “down in manhole”? This generation does not know how to spell.

  9. Jen commented on Non Sequitur 29 days ago

    Is Wiley on vacation? This is a repeat. Not that this is one I don not mind seeing again, just saying…

  10. Jen commented on Barney & Clyde 29 days ago

    Not after July 1, 2014.