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  1. Mexícano commented on Dana Summers 12 months ago

    “Still spouting tonteria.”

    ¿Tu puedes buy a bomb without a license and credentials? ¿No?

    “You can buy black powder, ball bearings, nails and pressure cookers without any form of checks.”

    Esas mercancias are intended for a proper use. Hay una reason porque you can’t sue a kitchen utensil company if someone was killed with one of their butcher’s knives. I fully understand the point. Tu on the other hand want to change the subject by injecting guns into the conversation. If I decide to use gasoline as a weapon instead of using it to make my car move then I am doing something illegal. Buying a gun with no background check to see if I am loco in the cabeza is a big time problem. Plus guns are used to kill.

    And I speak spangilsh you racist cabron. Learn to speak spanish. That is why the old joke that if you speak one language you are an American is so true.

  2. Mexícano commented on Tom Toles 12 months ago

    ¿Oye pendejo tu tienes puebra that people without papers are voting in Federal Elections? ¡You probably do not and are just saying that out of racismo cabron! All you racist say these stupid things but you can never prove them.

  3. Mexícano commented on Signe Wilkinson 12 months ago

    El pendejo Haleyquinn dijo, “failure? really? the failure is documented in this strip! No parents, No church, just a dead beat baby mommy, a knocked up girl, liberals blaming mommy government for not supplying condoms, and the murder of the unborn and sometime born alive baby. If you can not see the failure in that then there is no hope for you.”

    Mi pregunta para ti is if everything you say is true, then why is it that states who are against birth control are also the ones with the highest birth rates? Oh, esperate, dumb question.

  4. Mexícano commented on Matt Wuerker 12 months ago

    El Señor Rubio is not going to do that since his legislation is going to help migrant workers. It is his party that wants to keep them illegal.

  5. Mexícano commented on Nick Anderson 12 months ago

    You want to deport me despite my legal status. That make you a racist.

  6. Mexícano commented on Chuck Asay 12 months ago

    El Señor Marco Rubio is right. El noto que “He noted that at least 40 percent of an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country came on legal visas but then overstayed.” It takes a right wing Cuban to understand how many of us got here. Me da risa how the right wingers are calling him a useful idiot.

  7. Mexícano commented on Tony Auth 12 months ago

    Assesinos for hire.

  8. Mexícano commented on Clay Bennett 12 months ago

    ¿Tu nunca has carried a rifle and felt like a beast? I pity you Señor.

  9. Mexícano commented on Steve Benson 12 months ago

    So….¿Lo hizo o no lo hizo?

  10. Mexícano commented on John Deering 12 months ago

    Pero ellos are doing that already by cutting funding to education. ¿Como es possible that right wingers support first responders but won’t fund education that creates these responders?