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  1. Kris Jackson commented on Peanuts Begins 3 days ago

    A little note here: Charlie Brown is sitting very far forward on that chair so that he can have his feet on the ottoman. If he sat farther back, he wouldn’t need it. This was the subject of the very first cartoon Charles Schulz ever sold, in 1948, which was sold to the Saturday Evening Post.

  2. Kris Jackson commented on Random Acts of Nancy 3 days ago

    Thanks, I always enjoy reading those old papers you link to.

  3. Kris Jackson commented on Mutt & Jeff 5 days ago

    This bike looks like half of Jeff’s car.

  4. Kris Jackson commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    Republicans (like Glenn) ignore or deny the fact that the deficit has been cut by 2/3 since Obama took office. It would be even lower if we 1) didn’t have to pay for the Bush Wars; 2 made the 1% pay their fair share.

  5. Kris Jackson commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    You kidding? We LOVE Ted Cruz! He’s going to drive the whole Republican field to the right, leaving the center to Hillary. It’s going to look like Barry Goldwater and 1964 all over again. I know you Republicans can’t understand that, but watch and don’t learn. This is gonna be great.

  6. Kris Jackson commented on The Knight Life 10 days ago

    A joke that keeps getting better as it goes along, and whose punchline totally blindsided me. You should totally be able to make a living doing something like this, man.

  7. Kris Jackson commented on Random Acts of Nancy 10 days ago

    And this winter is getting REALLY old …

  8. Kris Jackson commented on Liberty Meadows 12 days ago

    Frank Cho has described himself as the height of the average American woman. Cartoonists tend to reflect their personal anxieties in their work, so Frank Mellish is an overblown (or underblown) version of his self-image. He grew more confident over the run of the strip. Frank Mellish became taller and bulked out more.

  9. Kris Jackson commented on Tom Toles 12 days ago

    These comments serve as a good cross section of the climate change “debate” in this country. While the consensus of the scientific community is that global warming is certainly occurring and is driven by human activity, this is simply disputed or ignored by the deniers. Their strategy is to personalize the subject — Al Gore is the only one saying the Earth is warming, so prove he’s a liar and the argument is over. As for the scientific evidence, 1) cherry-pick data that seems to deny global warming is occurring, such as individual data points on sea ice; and 2) insist that the scientific community as a whole is being bribed by government grants to lie to us. And, as with all conservative views, reduce things to a bumper sticker: AL GORE LIED. Argument over.
    The good news for the denier community is that it’s too late — runaway warming is occurring, it will get worse even if we never burned another drop of oil, and the best we could hope for now would be to slow the catastrophe.
    And we won’t. There is enough confusion within the American electorate now that nothing will be done. The oil companies have won. Congratulations, guys.

  10. Kris Jackson commented on The Knight Life 13 days ago

    Otto gives good alien.