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  1. Kris Jackson commented on Rudy Park 11 days ago

    Jeez, I thought those guys had just made the concept up. It’s real, and you’re right, it is a junk concept. It belongs in the same dustbin as “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

  2. Kris Jackson commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    Obama will do nothing? Dubya’s press secretary said, in 2003, “The president no longer thinks much about Osama bin Laden.” Mitt Romney said, in 2008, “I don’t see the point of spending billions of dollars and moving heaven and earth to find one guy.” Obama, when he became president, said, “Find bin Laden.” When they found him, he said, “Kill him.” That’s doing nothing? You conservatives are rather fact-free.

  3. Kris Jackson commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    Oh please. Reagan sold weapons to terrorists and he’s a hero, Dubya ignored bin Laden and didn’t hunt him down after 9/11 and he’s a hero. Obama kills bin Laden and he’s a friend to terrorists. McCoy’s a good cartoonist in that his visual style is state of the art and he handles the language of cartooning well, but his political views are trivially absurd.

  4. Kris Jackson commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    I agree, Ted. I’ve made part of my living in the arts. When young artists ask me how to make it, I tell them, “Go to truck driver school.”

  5. Kris Jackson commented on Jane's World 20 days ago

    I have to say, if I was asked to get on that plane, I wouldn’t have just questioned it like Jane. I would have wanted to see the plane’s latest inspection report. Four people in an old tail dragger, and some of the people being dodgy at best? Stop and think.

  6. Kris Jackson commented on Glenn McCoy 20 days ago

    I went through college on the GI bill. I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Was that “free money from the government”? And what about public school? Isn’t that “free education from the government”? You hate that too, man? Conservatives generally do. Screw you, Glenn.

  7. Kris Jackson commented on Brewster Rockit 20 days ago

    -40 is the same in F and C,

  8. Kris Jackson commented on Ted Rall 20 days ago

    After college, where I was a popular cartoonist, I move to Iceland (pop. 225,000) and got a job as a political cartoonist. Four years later I moved back to America. Nothing.

  9. Kris Jackson commented on Peanuts 21 days ago

    The blond girl was Patty. Not to be confused with Peppermint Patty; this one was retired before she came along.

  10. Kris Jackson commented on Peanuts Begins 25 days ago

    It’s interesting that the early strip had none of the complex interrelationships of complex characters that developed later on. The early strip leaned heavily on the other children’s contempt for, and violence against, Charlie Brown. Apparently Charlie Schulz had a lot of anger and frustration left over from his childhood that had to be worked out first.