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  1. Kris Jackson commented on The Knight Life 8 days ago

    In a state of deshabille!

  2. Kris Jackson commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    Yeah, I’m sure you can buy slide rules on eBay.

  3. Kris Jackson commented on Liberty Meadows 10 days ago

    I can’t tell what is happening in Panel 2. Cho’s a good draftsman but he lost it on that one.

  4. Kris Jackson commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    If you turned the TV on too early you got the test pattern and that loud DOOOO … In the early days, they sometimes reached so far back in the movie short libraries that some of them were silents. No cheesy piano, just silence.

  5. Kris Jackson commented on Doonesbury 10 days ago

    Actually, the name of God was supposed to be so sacred, it could only be spoken once a year, by the rabbi, in private. As a result, the actual “name of God” has been forgotten. Saying “God” is referring to him by his title, like saying “the president.” Or so I’ve heard.

  6. Kris Jackson commented on Li'l Abner 11 days ago

    I like that the radiator cap is a cork. No expensive Boyce MotoMeter for him. A cork.

  7. Kris Jackson commented on Tom Toles 11 days ago

    Here was another chance (as in the Iraq war vote) for Democrats to display their chickenhawk cred, not just the Republicans. Or it would be, but with election day looming, it’s time to cower behind the sandbags.
    Nice to see all these Arab/Moslem countries are lending support to the US efforts here. “Support” in this case means silent cheering. From behind the sandbags.

  8. Kris Jackson commented on Li'l Abner 12 days ago

    Love the Model T. It was 20 years out of date in 1948 but there were still a bunch of them around. A lot more Model A’s, though.

  9. Kris Jackson commented on Ted Rall 13 days ago

    Ted, you often seem over-the-top to this old liberal, but this one looks not just prescient but probably depicts a scene that is happening just this way. It would only make sense for an arms dealer to tell his customers they’ll be shooting at the Americans soon.

  10. Kris Jackson commented on The Knight Life 15 days ago

    Two kids … no names.