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  1. Montana Lady commented on Benitin y Eneas about 12 hours ago

    Good Day, Vagabonds,

    Just got back from the Farmer’s Market. You can tell the summer is winding down, only a few “farmers” left with any veggies. :((

    Mark, I had to look up your “burly, handsome and rugged” character actor……….didn’t know him, and the only role I remember him from was as the Mayor from The Enforcer.
    Never got around to watching the Waltons.

    Maybe I’ll get your next trivia quiz. :))

  2. Montana Lady commented on Cleo and Company 1 day ago

    Funny, Funny, Funny!!!!
    Didn’t see Cleo’s eye until you called it out. Really great collaboration!

  3. Montana Lady commented on Citizen Dog 1 day ago

    My mother had us heat the canned dog food up before we “served” it to Rex. Maybe Mel should do that for Fergus next time.

  4. Montana Lady commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    Brother and Sister getting along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Montana Lady commented on Big Top 1 day ago

    Drama King!!!!

  6. Montana Lady commented on Birdbrains 1 day ago

    I liked the face on Rhino’s forehead, then caught a glimpse of the faces in the shrubs……………..:))

  7. Montana Lady commented on Benitin y Eneas 1 day ago

    Hi Ho, Merry Vagabonds!

    It got down to a balmy 60 during the night, and the clouds this morning are magnificent! Supposed to get some moisture this evening. I sure hope so, ‘cause the rain we were scheduled to get yesterday never showed up.

    MRI for My Mountain Man this afternoon. Supposed to take 2 hours since they’re looking at 2 areas of his knee/leg. Won’t get the results until late Monday. :(( I’m not good at waiting for results.

  8. Montana Lady commented on Adam@Home 2 days ago

    Oh yeah, I forgot, another weird combo……………….
    scrambled eggs with sweet pickles scrambled in it. :))

  9. Montana Lady commented on Citizen Dog 3 days ago

    Sounds like Fergus has been visiting Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives and wants some of the good stuff!

  10. Montana Lady commented on Adam@Home 3 days ago

    The only thing weird I remember from my childhood, was making a hamburger with potato chips on it. :))