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  1. annamargaret1866 commented on Sooky Rottweiler 9 days ago

    Cynthia, thanks for answering my question, and I do apologize for not thanking you more promptly.

  2. annamargaret1866 commented on Little Dog Lost 25 days ago

    Yes, beautifully drawn, but somewhat confusing.

  3. annamargaret1866 commented on Betty 28 days ago

    I do that too. I find it works better than adding an “event” to my Windows Live Mail calendar … since I don’t often remember to check the calendar. :-)

  4. annamargaret1866 commented on Smith about 1 month ago

    Hi there, Andrew.

  5. annamargaret1866 commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Thank you. I never saw “Dog Day Afternoon”, so I was at a bit of a loss as to how that movie connected with the prison riot.

  6. annamargaret1866 commented on Sooky Rottweiler about 1 month ago

    What’s the word beneath poutine?

    Have you eaten poutine? I never have, but the though of gravy and cheese together kind of discourages me.

  7. annamargaret1866 commented on Smith about 1 month ago

    Years ago, we had a goofy dog who would bark at our pond, and once, in late winter when the water was still rather cold, I pointed at the water- and ice- filled barrow pit, said, “Go get it, Rusty” and Rusty obligingly jumped in, although he never found “it”. (Our other dogs were and are nicely sane, of course.)

  8. annamargaret1866 commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    Wait until he finds out the plan is, “Do you need it, or just want it?”

  9. annamargaret1866 commented on Smith about 1 month ago

    Thanks for the history lesson, Andrew.

  10. annamargaret1866 commented on Smith 2 months ago

    Andrew, we had a car almost exactly like the one in yesterday’s strip. :-)

    Thank you for the info and lovely pictures of Romney Marsh.