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Shoe by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly


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  1. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    My 4 year-old great nephew gets himself into and out of his car seat but luckily in the correct way and at the correct time.

  2. IndyMan commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    Definitely agree with you on that point ! ! You would think that Val could afford two pools.

  3. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 8 days ago

    I’m not ever going to dignify that with a comment !

  4. IndyMan commented on Marmaduke 8 days ago

    From the looks out the window, it is night. Then the question becomes what time of the night is it. I think I agree with Phil especially if it after midnight.

  5. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 11 days ago

    What banks paying interest ? All they want to do around here is charge interest rates of 10 to 20 per cent to load you money. It is cheaper to go to a loan company and they are nicer ! Bank personnel are as friendly as cacti ! ! !

  6. IndyMan commented on Stone Soup 11 days ago

    I would like to know from where Holly came, since she wasn’t in any of the previous frames ?

  7. IndyMan commented on Fred Basset 11 days ago

    To me, ‘Taffy’ looks to be in a ‘mad panic’ trying to get back to the friends on the side ! ! ! !

  8. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 23 days ago

    My Mother used to get mad at me because I wanted to place each individual stamp in the little boxes instead of putting a whole page in place at once(I think there were 30 stamps to a page—5 wide and 6 high) ! ! !

  9. IndyMan commented on Shoe 23 days ago

    Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower, all powerful men of their eras ! ! !

  10. IndyMan commented on Marmaduke 23 days ago

    Don’t know how ‘Marm’ could find that position relaxing !