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  1. lonecat commented on Nick Anderson 20 minutes ago

    You say, “The archeological evidence that shows the earth average temperature was higher in the past was a result of multiple factors which are now being dismissed.” Again I ask, When in the past? And what is your source? Why should I believe you if you don’t give sufficient detail or any source? Your comment about a flat change in temperature over the last 17 years (not true, by the way) suggests that your past is the 1998, but then you bring in archeological evidence (without saying what that evidence is), and that suggests a past long before 1998. Which do you mean? What multiple factors are being dismissed? And who is dismissing them? I’m willing to listen to counter-arguments, but they have to be clear.

  2. lonecat commented on Clay Jones about 14 hours ago

    I voted a couple of days ago in Toronto; I’m registered, so I got a card in the mail a couple of weeks ago telling me where to vote (at the school down the block from my house). I don’t have a driver’s license, but I looked up what else they would accept — so I took the card and a credit card bill (!!!) with my name and address, which was one of several allowable forms of ID. While I was at the voting station, someone came in who hadn’t registered yet; he registered right there and voted in less than five minutes.

  3. lonecat commented on Nick Anderson about 16 hours ago

    Howdy, ahab. It’s good to be back. I had some health problems, but they seem to be under control. Fortunately, I live in Canada, so I don’t have to worry about medical bills. I’m honored to be considered one of the science crowd, being as i read poems for a living. Baslim is educating us about possible new developments in fusion, OmQR is still providing much needed world perspective, and I have a feeling that the spirit of DrC has never left us. nurf nurf.

  4. lonecat commented on Jen Sorensen about 16 hours ago

    Exactly. I remember my Dad telling me in the mid 1950s, “The science is understood, it’s just an engineering problem”, as if that meant fusion was just around the corner. Well, he wasn’t an engineer, and I think he didn’t have a sufficient respect for the intractability of the practical. So I’ve been waiting since the mid 1950s, and I’m not going to celebrate victory until it’s a little more clear. But wouldn’t it be nice!!!!

  5. lonecat commented on Nick Anderson about 23 hours ago

    Sometimes when I ask someone — here Kevin Robinson — for a more detailed answer or a source, I’m looking for more than just an abstract answer. Sometimes I’m hoping for the entry into some kind of dialogue. For instance, he could have answered 1998, or 1932, or the Medieval Warm Period. Each of these answers would have been revealing in a different way, and would be answered in a different way.

  6. lonecat commented on Nick Anderson about 24 hours ago

    When was the average temperature higher than it is today? Have you got a source for this statement? I’d be very interested to read about this.

  7. lonecat commented on Jen Sorensen 1 day ago

    Thanks, Baslim, that’s helpful. If — and this is a big if — this turns out to be the real thing, it could make a big difference.

  8. lonecat commented on Jen Sorensen 2 days ago

    I would be interested to hear what the technologically savvy here have to say about the new developments in fusion:


  9. lonecat commented on Rob Rogers 3 days ago

    I think you’re right. My mistake.

  10. lonecat commented on Rob Rogers 3 days ago

    I don’t know why church would personalize this discussion. Why make a comment about me? And what am I supposed to be an exhibit of, anyway?