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  1. jman50 commented on Henry Payne 15 days ago

    And, of course, anyone not opting-in will have to pay for their own care or be turned away and not treated. Right???

  2. jman50 commented on For Better or For Worse 26 days ago


  3. jman50 commented on Jeff Stahler 26 days ago

    Many places have early voting, i.e. before Election Day, to make it easier for people to vote and to help increase the number of people who vote.

  4. jman50 commented on Scott Stantis 29 days ago

    Then why not isolate & quarantine all people with the flu? It kills tens of thousands per year in the US alone.

  5. jman50 commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    No, it is: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t go skydiving!

  6. jman50 commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    All reports show greater than 30,000 deaths by gun in the US in each of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

  7. jman50 commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    Wynkin Ria

  8. jman50 commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    And the lighting was always known as “Electric By Lucifer”.

  9. jman50 commented on Loose Parts about 1 month ago

    I must: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcS3NOQnsQM

  10. jman50 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Nitrous Oxide is NO2