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  1. jman50 commented on Chan Lowe 24 days ago

    All violated by Hamas.

  2. jman50 commented on Jerry Holbert 3 months ago

    But then again, all the previous Presidents were white.

  3. jman50 commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    Ah yes – Forgiveness. Don’t you remember the Crusades and the Inquisition?

  4. jman50 commented on Gary Varvel 3 months ago

    What!!!! Bush is back????

  5. jman50 commented on Clay Jones 3 months ago

    And the article he cited contains NO quote from the Obama administration stating that all children are to be welcomed with open arms.

  6. jman50 commented on Loose Parts 3 months ago

    Come on, they’ll milk this for all it is worth.

  7. jman50 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 4 months ago

    And the NRA has now backtracked and come out in support of the Open Carry ammosexuals.

  8. jman50 commented on Bloom County 4 months ago

    And I’ll take on your statements. Alcohol poisoning kills at least one person per week in the US alone. Over consumption of alcohol, on its own, can and does suppress the gag reflex, getting high on pot does not. No one – I repeat NO ONE – has ever died from smoking pot.

  9. jman50 commented on John Deering 4 months ago

    And they should also believe that anyone who works on a Saturday should be put to death, as should anyone who wears clothes made from a mix of fabrics. If you are going to use the Bible as source material you must use all of it; not just pick and choose and quote out of context.

  10. jman50 commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    I heard the baby’s theme song was by AC/DC.