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  1. cutiepie29 commented on Fort Knox 3 days ago

    Why would he think that the microwave would remain undisturbed for so long? Now, if it were the regular oven, I could maybe see it. I go for weeks without cooking something in the oven. But the microwave doesn’t even go more than a few hours between use.

  2. cutiepie29 commented on Cul de Sac 9 days ago

    Oh, Alice. Daniel says that you NEED to learn to share more. And since Daniel is 6, he knows all about sharing.

  3. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy 9 days ago

    My son Daniel says, “Thatababy is Crazy! Why did he draw a clown being chased by bees from beehives?” Then, he insisted that I write this comment.

  4. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 15 days ago

    OK, now I think I have to try that . . . when the kids are NOT asleep (like now).

  5. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy 16 days ago

    Around here, the black or orange wrapped ones are called Mary Janes, and they are peanut butter flavored. Ick, no thanks. But my sister LOVES the Bit-o-Honey, so I always just gave ’em all to her.

  6. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 17 days ago

    “Which begs the question why can’t he eat in the bathroom?”

    Um, eeewwww? Just . . . eeewww!

  7. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 27 days ago

    Funny, I learned that mnemonic as “King Phillip Called Out for Greasy Spaghetti.”

  8. cutiepie29 commented on Fort Knox 29 days ago

    Love Fidel’s fangs in the final frame.

  9. cutiepie29 commented on Cul de Sac about 1 month ago

    My brother refers to all drivers who don’t meet his standard of driving (for whatever reason) as “cheese dogs”. My kids crack up pretty much every time.

  10. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    I can’t help thinking that cleaning a “potty chair” made from a banana bicycle seat would be pretty much horribly disgusting. eeewwww