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  1. NeoconMan commented on Rob Rogers 7 days ago

    Quite right; Obama is both doing nothing and doing too much, all at the same time.

  2. NeoconMan commented on Henry Payne 7 days ago

    Today we celebrate our freedom to drink beer, which the British, in their tyranny, deprived us of.

  3. NeoconMan commented on Pat Oliphant 7 days ago

    John Locke said, “The walls worked in Israel. After they went up, suicide bombings dropped 99 percent. Put walls on our southern border that stops 99 percent of the illegals entering our country…”

    What a great idea. Let’s put up walls around all inner city ghettos too and stop 99 percent of…. well, you know.

  4. NeoconMan commented on Jim Morin 7 days ago

    denis1112 said, “Smoke some more weed like the national socialist democrat party wants you to.Stoned dumb butts are much easier to fool and mislead.”

    You give the Democrats too much credit. My Republican Party has discovered that the easiest people to lead are those who are continually both outraged and terrified.

  5. NeoconMan commented on Steve Kelley 7 days ago

    lonecat said, Wait till the next “correction”.

    That’s why we inside traders are selling out now so the dumb American investors will get stuck with the bill.

  6. NeoconMan commented on Jerry Holbert 7 days ago

    I agree; we need to stop spending money on useless infrastructure projects as we need that money to further extend American military might to the furthest reaches of our empire.

  7. NeoconMan commented on Walt Handelsman 7 days ago

    Only for a day. Or less.

  8. NeoconMan commented on Bob Gorrell 7 days ago

    ^ And should we ever let down our guard, even for a moment, England will invade and subjugate us all again under the Crown.

    And we shall all be reduced to suffering under the yoke of British tyranny as are the Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, and Hong Kongians.

  9. NeoconMan commented on Chip Bok 7 days ago

    16 of 20, sure. But Hobby Lobby is still paying for ALL Viagra and vasectomies.

  10. NeoconMan commented on Steve Benson 7 days ago

    I’m always impressed with the scientific accuracy that Fox News exhibits in their polls.
    First, a host proclaims that Obama is a low-down skunk.
    Then he debates the issue with two guests; one who agrees with him and one who REALLY agrees with him.
    Then he invites Fox listeners to vote by voluntarily phoning in if they feel strongly about the issue.
    They then report that 97% of Americans agree that Obama is a low-down skunk.

    Pure science.