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Followed Comics

9 to 5

By Harley Schwadron


By Rob Harrell


By Tony Cochran

Andy Capp

By Reg Smythe

Animal Crackers

By Fred Wagner

Bad Reporter

By Don Asmussen


By Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos

Ballard Street

By Jerry Van Amerongen

Bob the Squirrel

By Frank Page

The Boondocks

By Aaron McGruder


By Eric and Bill Teitelbaum

Bound and Gagged

By Dana Summers

Brewster Rockit

By Tim Rickard

Broom Hilda

By Russell Myers


By Darrin Bell


By Cathy Guisewite

C'est la Vie

By Jennifer Babcock

Clear Blue Water

By Karen Montague-Reyes


By Bill Hinds

Close to Home

By John McPherson


By Mike Baldwin

Dog Eat Doug

By Brian Anderson


By Garry Trudeau

The Duplex

By Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy

The Elderberries

By Corey Pandolph and Phil Frank and Joe Troise

For Better or For Worse

By Lynn Johnston

For Heaven's Sake

By Mike Morgan


By Bill Amend

Frank and Ernest

By Thaves

Fred Basset

By Alex Graham

The Fusco Brothers

By J.C. Duffy

Gasoline Alley

By Jim Scancarelli

Heart of the City

By Mark Tatulli

Herb and Jamaal

By Stephen Bentley

In the Bleachers

By Steve Moore

Ink Pen

By Phil Dunlap

La Cucaracha

By Lalo Alcaraz

Loose Parts

By Dave Blazek

Lucky Cow

By Mark Pett

The Meaning of Lila

By John Forgetta and L.A. Rose

The Middletons

By Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers

Nest Heads

By John Allen

Non Sequitur

By Wiley Miller


By Allison Garwood

One Big Happy

By Rick Detorie

The Other Coast

By Adrian Raeside


By Chip Dunham


By Brian Crane


By Gary Brookins

Pooch Cafe

By Paul Gilligan


By Allison Barrows

Real Life Adventures

By Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

Red and Rover

By Brian Basset


By Leigh Rubin


By Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly

Speed Bump

By Dave Coverly

Stone Soup

By Jan Eliot

Strange Brew

By John Deering


By Nicole Hollander

Tank McNamara

By Bill Hinds


By Keith Knight

Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling

Wizard of Id

By Parker and Hart

Working It Out

By Charlos Gary


By Tom Wilson & Tom II

Lalo Alcaraz

Nick Anderson

Steve Benson

Stuart Carlson

Jeff Danziger

John Deering

Walt Handelsman

Clay Jones

Kevin Kallaugher

Steve Kelley

Chan Lowe

Mike Luckovich

Jim Morin

Jack Ohman

Pat Oliphant

Joel Pett

Ted Rall

Drew Sheneman

Dana Summers

Tom Toles

Gary Varvel

Dan Wasserman

Signe Wilkinson

Tim Eagan

Flo and Friends

By Jenny Campbell


By Mark Tatulli

FoxTrot Classics

By Bill Amend

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