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  1. Helyna commented on Frazz 2 months ago

    I live in a place like that, and no you don’t want to live here.

  2. Helyna commented on Heart of the City 3 months ago

    John Green?! John Green made it into a comic?!!!! That’s awesome! DFTBA!

  3. Helyna commented on Luann 4 months ago

    “Compact”? It’s huge for a dorm room!

  4. Helyna commented on Heart of the City 5 months ago

    I think that’s a good gasp, but it could go either way.

  5. Helyna commented on Doonesbury 6 months ago

    Ow. The lack of historical accuracy hurts.
    We became free when the British gave up on the war. Then we had the Articles of Confederation for a few years. THEN we got the Constitution, and plenty of people thought it would destroy their freedom because it created a strong central government (which is something we still seem to be worried about today…). Then the Bill of Rights was ratified two years later.
    Yes, I realize it’s a comic and this whole story has been ridiculous. :)

  6. Helyna commented on Luann 6 months ago

    But I liked her old hair!

  7. Helyna commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Not Delta?

  8. Helyna commented on Heart of the City almost 2 years ago

    See, Heart, this is the sort of thing that happens when you don’t read enough books to know what you’re doing!

  9. Helyna commented on Watch Your Head about 2 years ago

    So that really happened? And people aren’t more upset about it? If that was real, why aren’t we seeing more of what he thinks?

    @Collieman, I think she might have committed suicide. If it wasn’t that, I guess she was murdered, but I don’t know how. It happened… Friday, maybe?

  10. Helyna commented on Heart of the City over 2 years ago

    It annoys me when authors or comic strip writers seem to have no idea what actually goes on in school. Nobody would EVER get in trouble for being late on the first day. And you’d never get detention for being a minute or two late, except by the teacher of the class you’re late to if you do it repeatedly. Plus, isn’t Heart seven years old or something?

    So is this an imaginary friend? Or maybe a time traveler that somehow only Heart can see? I sense an interesting plotline coming up.