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  1. Bruce4671 commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    And at the root of it all……..

    government shut downs are a good thing. Why? Because the constituency can then see exactly where the current government can get cut. Only “essential” services? Well why in hell are we running anything OTHER than “essential” services in the first place?

  2. Bruce4671 commented on Steve Kelley 1 day ago

    yes yes, I suppose you have a nugget to build on on how to control and direct the weather.

    The climate is changing…remember? That means that different places will get different weather making them a “changed climate”.

    CA has enjoyed rock star weather status for decades. They produce a bunch of food to supply the nation but have been poor stewards of their bounty. But that’s how humans roll.

    We ain’t fighting the fact that we need alternative forms of energy or better water management and not just in Ca.

    The real question is – since the earth is finite after all and we will one day use up every scrap of resource available since we seem to be unable to control population growth – where will we go and how will we get there?

  3. Bruce4671 commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 days ago

    Perhaps one should put aside the hate for a moment and consider this article.


    “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability and his nuclear program.” Sen. Hillery Clinton (D-NY) 10/10/02


  4. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 6 days ago

    every laast one of you guys in support of Hillery. WHAT????

    Sure, I get it. All the Bush’s, Reagan, or Clinton (the guy) have a “shady” past. They are – after all – politicians.

    But there is concrete evidence that Hillery turned to those that employed her (that would be we the people) and lied when there was no reason to lie.

    All Ya’ll what better government, better public servants. And yet, you continue to accept liars as your leaders.

    That’s a BASIC character flaw that should eliminate anyone from public office.

    Yeah, I know. If you did that there would be precious few left to run for office.

    Maybe YOU should run…………

  5. Bruce4671 commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    So guys, this ‘toon is NOT talking about climate change. It is talking about the budget and the fact that without one the government can’t operate at full capacity. Thus, “shutting down the engines”…….

    We have a BUNCH of transplants in our state. From very liberal tax and spend environments. Scott is a "balanced budget’ governor and wants to reduce taxes. So there is a conflict with the budget.


  6. Bruce4671 commented on Chan Lowe 10 days ago

    as opposed to any lie will do to cover this mess up democrat policy?

  7. Bruce4671 commented on Jeff Danziger 12 days ago

    So everyone is harping about infrastructure funding. Remember the stimulus bill? What happen to all that money? Did any of it go to infrastructure like it was supposed to? hmmmmmm.

    But really folks, you have a train going over 100 MPH on a 50 MPH track. So the basic – of “root” – cause of the accident was excessive speed. Now why was the train going so fast.

    Later news reports that the train “sped up” just before it went into the curve. (you know trains have black boxes too). The latest reports say that “something” hit the locomotive windshield before the crash. Gee, really?

    One COULD think that someone dropped a rock which hit the glass, broke the glass, hit the engineer in the head (remember the head injury) who then fell against the throttle. He doesn’t remember………anything.

    Do we need to quit spending all of our money on wars? Yes. Do we need to quit the pork barrel spending? Yes. Do we need to repair or replace a BUNCH of infrastructure? Yes.

    But the track was in excellent shape for a train going 50MPH which was the posted speed limit.

    Some reports show that the technology that would have controlled the train was indeed in place, just not turned on.

    Which government official is responsible for that screw up?

  8. Bruce4671 commented on Nick Anderson 13 days ago

    Again, you talk about something you know nothing about.

    I spent 30+ years as a railroad maintenance labor, foreman and supervisor. The FRA takes great pain in establishing a maintenance schedule and the railroad I worked for bent over backwards to comply with every single regulation. In ALL the news reports the track structure was found to be in good repair and sufficient for the SPEED POSTED. 50 MPH.

    The cause was excessive speed. The train was going TWICE the posted speed limit.

    Yes, there are tracks that only meet the minimum requirements for travel and are used at 10 MPH. Track inspectors (one of my many jobs on the railroad) can and will shut down tracks that do not meet these standards or reduce speed on those that do not meet the standard for the posted limit.

    YOU have no idea what is involved in maintaining the roadbed so just sit down and be quiet until you educate yourself.

  9. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 16 days ago

    I live in the Tampa Bay area. I know that there are police in the area that will bend the rules. Some will break them. We pay these men and women to make judgement calls in very difficult situations. All that said, in my personal experience, I have NEVER had dealings with any law enforcement officer that was in the least bit shady.

    My youngest daughter worked for the HCPD in child protective services when her long worked for degree in history did not glean any productive employment. Every officer she knew and worked with were conscientious hard working public servants. She finally got her teaching job after a year of heart breaking service protecting children – our most precious undertaking – from their parents. Golly. Meanwhile the understaffed CPS division soldiers on.

    Stop and think. In every case from terrorist to bad cops, it’s the minority that is the problem.

  10. Bruce4671 commented on Tom Toles 23 days ago

    “Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”

    Hmmmmmm is George right????