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Ziggy by Tom Wilson & Tom II


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  1. tsandl commented on Ziggy 11 days ago

    Either he’s playing by Turkish rules or the colorist has mistaken a white square for a red piece.

  2. tsandl commented on Working Daze 14 days ago

    Rita is an intellectually lazy dogmatist, but Jay, in this instance, is wrong. There is nothing inherently contradictory in believing that all people should be endowed with certain rights either from birth or from conception and in believing that those same rights ought to be forfeit as a consequence of certain actions. If the two beliefs were inherently contradictory, then it would also be illogical to believe that adult criminals should be dealt with in any manner that would be inappropriate for infants.

  3. tsandl commented on Working Daze 15 days ago

    I, for one, would like to thank you guys for being brave enough to occasionally start conversations on controversial subjects even though I quite often disagree with you. People may get angry and get their feelings hurt, but no lasting harm will come to anyone because of public discourse, and no minds will be changed without it.

  4. tsandl commented on Bloom County 16 days ago

    Thash allota empty beer bottles. Think I’ll set em up in mah livin room an shoot em wif mah “cop killer” bullets.

  5. tsandl commented on Thatababy 20 days ago

    Like a Spongebob Squarepants movie?

  6. tsandl commented on Working Daze 22 days ago

    The casting in that movie was just about perfect. It’s a shame they whiffed the ending. If we’re talking about great Harrison Ford roles though, I have to mention Branch Rickey in 42.

  7. tsandl commented on Wizard of Id 28 days ago

    Wizard of Id has included anachronistic references since the beginning. The “THINK” signs referred to in the classic cartoon last week were part of an IBM marketing campaign for their new System/360 computers. The week before that, there was a reference to the Congressional Medal of Honor.

  8. tsandl commented on Off the Mark 28 days ago

    We find the defendant guilty, but since we didn’t catch him in the act, it won’t do any good to punish him now.

  9. tsandl commented on Off the Mark 29 days ago

    Nerd joke, you wouldn’t understand.

  10. tsandl commented on Andertoons 29 days ago

    This is exactly how my two previous jobs went.