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  1. tsandl commented on Off the Mark 2 days ago

    There is a children’s book called “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

  2. tsandl commented on The Grizzwells 6 days ago

    Specifically, they learn how to blame them on other people.

  3. tsandl commented on Over the Hedge 14 days ago

    Yep. The most plausible explanation I’ve heard for the 10% nonsense is that early estimates indicated that 90% of the cells in the brain were glial cells (by count, not by mass—neurons are huge) and this was immediately misinterpreted by the media and “scientific romance” writers.

    That could be as false as the 10% myth, but I could definitely see that happening.

  4. tsandl commented on Basic Instructions 20 days ago

    Rockette Hat?

  5. tsandl commented on Thatababy 23 days ago


  6. tsandl commented on Working Daze 26 days ago

    Hey! Don’t insult those kids!

  7. tsandl commented on Poptropica 28 days ago

    As I always suspected: Dinos died out because they couldn’t get dates.

  8. tsandl commented on Rip Haywire about 1 month ago

    Because Breezy wants him.

  9. tsandl commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    Dang! I’d forgotten all about those. I should have at least remembered the Mateba. I read about those after Chiappa released the Rhino. Clever design, but I think it sort of removes the only advantage revolvers still have over SAs: their simplicity. Anyway, you’re right, and, though I wasn’t exactly wrong, I’m a bit of a doof for being tongue in cheek about something that actually exists.

  10. tsandl commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    And I like the way it keeps going off as it bounces. Must he one of them automatic revolvers.