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  1. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 12 days ago

    Lockheed says they have a fusion reactor now.


  2. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 15 days ago

    I lived in Anchorage in 1983; it was legal then, so this is just a loop back to where it was.

  3. meetinthemiddle commented on Matt Davies 16 days ago

    Actually based on legislation past and actions taken, you’d probably have to go 1) FDR and 2) Teddy Roosevelt as most liberal presidents ever elected

  4. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Even if you accept the “statistics” and wild extrapolations from True The Vote (a rather Orwellean-named organization) – proactive voter fraud would still add up to a fraction of one percent.

  5. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Rs always harp on Daley in the 1970s and Johnson in the 1960s as their examples of “pot calling the kettle black” but Jeb in 2000 and 2004, Ohio in 2004, the PA R pol who said on camera that the PA voter id law was “to deliver the state to Romney” are much more current and salient examples of voter fraud

  6. meetinthemiddle commented on Stuart Carlson 2 months ago

    That’s unfair to Israel. They’re the one country in the region that would make it impossible for any other to step up. It was the same in Gulf I; we paid them to stay on the side-lines. It’s no reflection on their willingness that we don’t want them in a coalition (and never have)

  7. meetinthemiddle commented on Stuart Carlson 3 months ago

    I know with American ex-pats that the U.S. still bills for any tax over and above what was paid elsewhere, not in addition to. For example if you are an American ex-pat and you go to work in, say, Belgium, the Belgian personal tax rate is higher than the U.S. so you don’t owe tax. If you go live somewhere with a lower tax rate than the U.S. then you’d owe the difference. I think it works that way when you work in one state and live in another with state taxes.

  8. meetinthemiddle commented on Stuart Carlson 3 months ago

    THe U.S. corporate tax rate is 39% before deductions and loopholes, which is higher than most countries. I’ve heard a stat that BK was paying an effective tax rate of 27.2% with is less than a percent more than Canada’s (26.3%). So inverting will save them less than 1%.

  9. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    The witnesses will never be able to tell you what happened when Brown had his head in the car window. Only the cop could, and given the outcome his perspective might be suspect. I doubt there’ll be any answer that satisfies anyone unless there’s dashcam / audio involved.

  10. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 4 months ago

    One of the failures with “shovel ready projects” 5 years ago is that not having the money ready to do the actual project, states and localities didn’t want to spend the money on architects and civil engineers to plan the projects. Takes more than a 1-time dump of cash; it takes a concerted effort.
    And with the increasing fuel efficiency in cars, the gas tax may no longer be the most effective way to raise infrastructure cash. I’ve heard some states are considering “Prius taxes” to tax people for not buying more gas.