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  1. meetinthemiddle commented on Pat Oliphant 11 days ago

    Actually, for someone picking up painting late in life, I thought W’s work was surprisingly good. And he’s been a quite dignified and humble figure as ex-president. Now a nude portrait of Pelosi… shudder

  2. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    I also saw an article saying the reported had begged the congressman for a short interview specifically to ask about the SotU address – and then sandbagged him with a different question. Petty, ambush journalism. Neither guy comes off well in the story.

  3. meetinthemiddle commented on Matt Davies 3 months ago

    Ya know, I find it hard to take Snowden seriously when he flees first to China (for it’s “history of human rights support”; seriously?) and then to Russia.

  4. meetinthemiddle commented on Stuart Carlson 3 months ago

    But if you want to believe that Obama and Holder didn’t know about Fast and Furious until well after the fact, you have to accept that in a large bureaucracy Christie could have been kept in the dark about it too. I haven’t heard anything to refute Christie’s claim about that. And the left’s “either he’s a liar or incompetent” sounds awfully reminiscent of the right about Fast and Furious

  5. meetinthemiddle commented on Pat Oliphant 3 months ago

    It was legal in Alaska as recently as the mid-1980’s…

  6. meetinthemiddle commented on Ben Sargent 4 months ago

    Ummm… Congress and Senate are national offices…

  7. meetinthemiddle commented on Tom Toles 5 months ago

    I’d take the position more seriously if the Republicans offered a bill to officially shrink the DC circuit court to 6 justices. Otherwise it looks like they’re just trying to keep the seats open until they have someone in position to fill them.

  8. meetinthemiddle commented on Ben Sargent 5 months ago

    A) The ACA is not socialized medicine.
    B) The ACA is essentially a Republican idea.
    Richard Nixon proposed it
    Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation proposed it.
    Mitt Romney signed it in MA.

  9. meetinthemiddle commented on Ben Sargent 5 months ago

    The “socialized medicine” claim was either deep delusion or lie, take your pick. Nothing about the ACA is socialized medicine. Never was.
    The claims of WMD was, as you assert, a matter of belief – but the assertions that Iraq was involved in 9/11, that they were going to give WMD to Al Qaeda, mushroom clouds over NY because of Iraq, etc we also either deep delusions or outright lies. Saddam liked being king of his little hill too much to do any of those things, nor did he have any reason to trust Al Qaeda who would just as likely try to take him out.
    Reagan’s child-like belief in the Laffer curve – even after Laffer pointed out that he didn’t put any numbers on his axes and made no claims about where the inflection points were was a matter of belief. I suppose that you can claim the continued assertions of it by the Rs in spite of contradictory evidence is again “belief”.

    But to claim Obama lied from the beginning is overstatement. The law has a provision for grandfathering, and insurance companies have been canceling policies that could have been grandfathered, so how is O’s belief that people could keep their plans a conscious lie?

    One of the big points to contradict the “socialized medicine” claim is that the law does not give him the power to decree that private insurance companies have to continue policies.

  10. meetinthemiddle commented on Stuart Carlson 5 months ago

    What an utterly delusional, meaningless non-sequitur