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  1. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on John Deering 9 days ago

    That wouldn’t work given that the President has a complete surveillance state — which, perhaps for the best – protects us from nothing but our privacy and civil rights.

  2. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Ken Catalino 10 days ago

    When has the law or common sense ever affected the behavior of the TSA?

  3. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on ViewsEurope 10 days ago

    I can understand and sympathize with both sides, each of whom are right – but each of whom are separated from the other by different measurements of right.

  4. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Bennett 10 days ago

    That fear is being especially fanned by Faux News, the official mouthpiece for all the tighty righties.

  5. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Kevin Kallaugher 10 days ago

    Those Middle Eastern countries, and especially our NATO “ally” Turkey, haven’t yet started their engines. I’d suggest that we stop payment on the money they got to show up.

  6. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Kevin Kallaugher 22 days ago

    In fairness I have to point out that the three countries in the world with the largest populations are 1) China, 2) India and 3) the US. Projections suggest by 2050, India will be first, followed by China, and by the US at third. China has attempted for some years to control its population growth, and in the US the repeated recessions have had a similar effect, notwithstanding all the emotional lather about controlling women by denying abortions.

    The US is the self-appointed world’s policeman, and has two enemy nations abroad in the form of China and Russia. No I don’t count the Middle East as they’re mostly a danger to themselves and will collapse into non-entities when their oil runs out. This means that the US has to have all sorts of fossil fuels to keep its war weaponry operating. China is steadily building up its dominance of the South China Sea, causing the other nations in that area to increase their arms. And then there’s Russia. Absent a major scientific breakthrough, oil and gas are and remain sacred to every government in the world, meaning that none of those nations will agree to limit their climate-destroying activities. So eventually humanity’s reign over the world will collapse. The earth will survive, as will some forms of life. Whether humanity will continue, well, nature tends to weed out stupid species.

  7. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 22 days ago

    Or he could do the Kangaroo Hop as a good alternative.

  8. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Bennett 25 days ago

    For the conspiracy minded, it works like this. The uber-wealthy and their tame politicians want to cowed and ineffective worker class that competes for every job. The lucky winners then will be paid the least amount to sustain life as long as they work. No health insurance because then the workers might live long enough to cost the wealthy money. So making the majority of people ignorant of history and illiterate results in much easier conquest. It has worked many times before. Of course, there will eventually be a revolution. So be sure and pay the military officers and the secret police well so they can arrange proper disposal of any serf who looks to start complaining.

  9. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Views of the World about 1 month ago

    The first and last refuge of a person with no facts or logic is to attack the personality of the other speaker. It has a name: ad hominem – but that’s Latin, so obviously a foreign influence.

  10. spyderred GoComics Pro Member commented on Ben Sargent about 1 month ago

    I had a relative who “home-schooled” her children on those types of books, and found out that it took three semesters of remedial courses by a college before that first child could take a college-level course. And that with a “high school” diploma from the whoever institute for brainwashing and misinformation. The whole point of this “curriculum” is to crush any tendency to critical analysis or independent thought. Research is obviously forbidden, as is science of any sort. Better to raise children who are taught to obey than to think for themselves lest they become a muslim socialist.