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  1. prrdh commented on MythTickle 1 day ago

    True, but that would have impeded the cash flows to the parties; those are the entities that must be protected from failure at all costs.

  2. prrdh commented on MythTickle 5 days ago

    In Bankers and Brokers, that’s Snicker, with the registered trademark sign, if you want to avoid being set on by lawyer-orcs.

  3. prrdh commented on MythTickle 7 days ago

    I thought Bankers and Brokers used a regular 52-card deck…no jokers, wild or otherwise.

  4. prrdh commented on MythTickle 7 days ago

    Hangman? That’s not something Odin would care to play, but Hermod doesn’t have those unhappy associations.

  5. prrdh commented on MythTickle 7 days ago

    As long as she does regular handstands.

  6. prrdh commented on MythTickle 8 days ago

    I think Marx was less the originator of ‘Marxism’ as such than an exemplar of the wooly-minded German Idealist tradition that did give rise to so many of the horrors of the past hundred years. The fondness of that school of philosophy for the reification of vague abstractions like ‘Labor’ and ‘Capital’ and its contempt for Blake’s ‘Minute Particulars’ paved the way for the worship of the State. As Jung put it:
    “The psychologist believes firmly in the individual as the sole carrier of mind and life. Society and the State derive their quality from the individual’s mental condition, for they are made up of individuals and the way they are organized. Obvious as this fact is, it has still not permeated collective opinion sufficiently for people to refrain from using the word “State” as if it referred to a sort of super-individual endowed with inexhaustible power and resourcefulness. The State is expected nowadays to accomplish what nobody would expect from an individual. The dangerous slope leading down to mass psychology begins with this plausible thinking in large numbers, in terms of powerful organizations where the individual dwindles to a mere cipher. Everything that exceeds a certain human size evokes equally inhuman powers in man’s unconscious. Totalitarian demons are called forth, instead of the realization that all that can really be accomplished is an infinitesimal step forward in the moral nature of the individual."

  7. prrdh commented on MythTickle 8 days ago

    Not translated incorrectly so much as grossly distorted. First, Nietzche was above all an anti-racist; his ‘overman’ was an individual who thought for himself and refused to accept group norms that failed to meet the standards of his independent judgement. Insofar as he made ethnic generalizations, he admired Jews and despised Germans as (I think he used this word) bovine. That’s why he broke with Wagner on a personal basis even though he continued to admire his music. Second, the ‘overman’ no more desired to govern others as an amoral or any other kind of dictator than he desired to be governed.

  8. prrdh commented on MythTickle 9 days ago

    Widening the Nile, maybe. But I really don’t think cleaning the gutters is a very urgent task in either the Black or the Red Lands

  9. prrdh commented on MythTickle 12 days ago

    Or 28 days.

  10. prrdh commented on MythTickle 16 days ago

    It takes a Norwegian to capture the mood of an encounter with Hel.