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  1. corpcasselbury commented on Wizard of Id 13 days ago

    Not really. After all, she didn’t actually kill the wolf, just made sure he didn’t devour her.

  2. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    Gee, Roy, why don’t you use a claymore mine while you’re at it?

  3. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 15 days ago

    Rita actually had a brilliant idea; the world is coming to an end!

  4. corpcasselbury commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 15 days ago

    Dummy weapons such as Quaker guns have long been used by various armies to deceive their enemies. By World War 2, faking weapons had become an art form, literally.

  5. corpcasselbury commented on Peanuts 15 days ago

    I miss big bands, too; today’s music largely sucks sewage.

  6. corpcasselbury commented on Moderately Confused 15 days ago

    Ah, the sweet smell of success!

  7. corpcasselbury commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    Yeah, really!

  8. corpcasselbury commented on Stone Soup 17 days ago

    Those are sergeant’s stripes that Phil is wearing. And lieutenant is above sergeant.

  9. corpcasselbury commented on Luann 17 days ago

    I agree. I have always followed my own path when it came to clothing; to me, fashion trends are something to be ignored to the greatest extent possible. This attitude has saved me a ton of money over the years, to say nothing of keeping my closet from getting too crowded.

  10. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 18 days ago

    Yeah, Power Girl’s costume is rather revealing, especially since they gave her a bust like a Playboy centerfold (trust me, her bust was not always that big), and that does tend to be the trend with female superheroes, especially those from the DC universe (Wonder Woman and Phantom Lady spring to mind). And no, it doesn’t make much sense; the costumes should be more practical. But that is how things are done in the world of comic books.