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  1. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze about 15 hours ago

    Brilliantly done, guys! I remember Al Jaffe’s “Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions” with great fondness.

  2. corpcasselbury commented on In the Bleachers about 15 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure that this falls under the definition of cheating in golf.

  3. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 2 days ago

    Ed has to wake up first, and how likely is that?

  4. corpcasselbury commented on Santa vs. Dracula 3 days ago

    Agreed. Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee played the count brilliantly, and the less said about Depp’s performance, the better.

  5. corpcasselbury commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    Actually, a walrus can be very dangerous if provoked. They have reportedly killed humans who have made the mistake of provoking them and getting close enough for the walrus to…demonstrate its displeasure. Definitely not a critter to be messed with.

  6. corpcasselbury commented on Santa vs. Dracula 4 days ago

    Barnabas Collins (as played by Jonathan Frid) would be a lot more impressive here than this version of Dracula.

  7. corpcasselbury commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    At least Snoopy isn’t doing “The Hound of the Baskervilles”.

  8. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    I wonder if Rita knows that if Dana did make her clone army dream come true, she’d then have to go and fight the Seperatist Army?

  9. corpcasselbury commented on Working Daze 8 days ago

    Rita would have made an excellent Imperial Grand Moff. Maybe not quite in Tarkin’s league, of course, but still pretty close.

  10. corpcasselbury commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 8 days ago

    I have to ask this: Why is part of the M6 toll road layered with copies of romance novels? Even for a government agency, this seems like an incredibly strange thing to do, with neither rhyme nor reason.