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  1. prfesser commented on Glenn McCoy 1 minute ago

    Of course, you dismiss my assessment by attributing it to a troll. I would love to sit in on a psychology class taught by you. What community college do you teach at?

  2. prfesser commented on Walt Handelsman about 21 hours ago

    And yet …
    The proliferation of easily accessible cameras and video cams has brought forth almost weekly instances where police have used deadly force in situations where it ought not to have been used.
    We see instances of excessive force used to subdue a person, where that excessive force causes the injury and even death of not just a person who might have been guilty of some crime, but even innocent people.
    We see instances of police behaving rudely, viciously, towards people who were not even guilty of anything more than just pissing a cop off.
    And not just in one unknown town six states away, but from New York to Florida, from Virginia to California, and stops in between.
    It is everywhere.
    And how are children supposed to react to the man who carries a gun and shoots a kid with a toy, or shoots a fleeing man in the back (and plants a taser by the man so it looks like the guy had disarmed the cop).
    What are parents supposed to tell their kids?
    Unfortunately, we live in a society where people tend to be out of touch with their surroundings, making them vulnerable to sudden, unexpected acts.
    We live in a society where everyone is a budding TV journalist, equipped with a camera, ready to roll.
    Yet cops commit atrocities even though they are surely aware that they could be filmed in the act (and we wonder why criminals can be so stupid as to commit a crime in view of a security camera).
    Cops refuse to wear body cams which would give them the means to prove that they didn’t do anything wrong – or that they used force because they were confronted by a violent individual.
    If cops want us to respect them, and treat them as professionals, let them begin acting in ways that show they are willing to conduct themselves as such.

  3. prfesser commented on The Flying McCoys about 22 hours ago

    Unfortunately, he’s like a fish out of water.

  4. prfesser commented on Get Fuzzy about 22 hours ago

    Don’t mess with Edgar Allen – he put the “Poe” in “Poe-try.”

  5. prfesser commented on Glenn McCoy about 22 hours ago

    Right back at you.
    You contradict yourself, sir, when you say
    (1) There are NO mechanisms by which genes, hormonal levels, or prenatal environments lead to differential thought patterns.
    (2) genes and prenatal environments provide a basis for what can and cannot be learned, and the difficulty associated with each.
    Are you trying to have it both ways? That may be one way to make sure you’re right, but only by virtue of the fact that you are asserting a contradiction, and from a contradiction anything follows.
    An alternative way to view your error is to say that you are employing an ad hoc explanation. Your basic thesis (as stated in 1) is clearly flawed, so to protect yourself, you employ (2) to try to bolster your thesis. However, insofar as (2) is really a restatement of the very argument I originally presented, you are begging the very issue you are supposed to have been challenging.
    Either way, you are WRONG, you KNOW IT, and you do not have the intellectual integrity to ADMIT IT!
    Don’t blame me for your ignorance, or try to foist your error off on my being inconsistent. The only error I made was in trying to be generous in overlooking what appeared to be a mis-statement on your part.
    As for my affirmation that gender roles are learned, that is actually intended as an acknowledgement that you are correct on that point.
    Jeeezzzz, you’re so concerned with proving me wrong that you can’t even accept when I agree with you. That says a lot for your psychological makeup, doesn’t it. Feeling insecure? Did your daddy offend you by having sex with your mommy?

  6. prfesser commented on Moderately Confused about 23 hours ago

    Now there’s something divine that I believe in!!!!

  7. prfesser commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the guys on the right to get caught.

  8. prfesser commented on Banana Triangle 2 days ago

    ^ It does have its moments, doesn’t it?

  9. prfesser commented on The Flying McCoys 2 days ago

    Ugh. I pity the poor frog.

  10. prfesser commented on Moderately Confused 2 days ago

    Thank Goodness It’s Friday! But I’m an atheist, and I still refer to god … goddam it! Good god! I mean, who’s going to object?