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  1. prfesser commented on Glasbergen Cartoons about 11 hours ago

    I’m surprised radio stations would even consider playing Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”

  2. prfesser commented on Brian McFadden about 11 hours ago

    Clever. Nicely done.

  3. prfesser commented on John Deering about 11 hours ago

    Why don’t we put some of our own hackers to work disabling the N. Korean government’s network?

  4. prfesser commented on Glenn McCoy about 12 hours ago

    I guess McCoy can get it right every now and then.


    Sharpton is an opportunist who plays to the angst of the black citizens. It is the liberal response to that angst that is leading to the violence against police.
    What we have now is becoming a vicious circle. Police become more inclined to use force against a populace that resists police almost as a matter of course. The populace is now responding to that use of force by becoming violent towards police. The response? More police are going to feel threatened when confronted by hostile people and be even more ready to use force.

  5. prfesser commented on Last Kiss about 12 hours ago

    Try them both, see which one makes you feel better.

  6. prfesser commented on Lucky Cow 1 day ago

    That boy ain’t right – and now we know where he gets it from.

  7. prfesser commented on Cul de Sac 1 day ago

    However, one can get off one’s swing and still be okay; but if you are off your rocker, your psychological makeup is suspect. I choose to stay on my rocker.

  8. prfesser commented on Rubes 1 day ago

    Not talking ER … talking regular, scheduled appointments with my PCP during his office hours.
    ERs take care of the dead ones first – that way they can clear up the rooms in one fell swoop. Then start over again.

  9. prfesser commented on Drabble 1 day ago

    So … the UPS guy is popular with the stay-at-home moms … hmmmmmmmmm …

  10. prfesser commented on Rubes 3 days ago

    Probably died in the waiting room. Although I notice they try to get you out of the waiting room within 15 minutes – and you sit in the exam room for 45 minutes waiting for the doctor.