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Basic Instructions

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  1. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Cow and Boy Classics 11 months ago

    There is only one way to truly renounce all that is material: Die.

    Those who think that working and earning money and acquiring possessions is “slavery” do not understand the meaning of the word. Usually, they intend to “free” us all from that form of “slavery” by imposing REAL slavery universally.

  2. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Scary Gary 11 months ago

    C.H.U.Ds? They’re my favorite!

  3. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Jim Morin 11 months ago

    How ’bout his flagrantly illegal war in Libya? How ’bout ObamaCare? How ’bout the NSA scandal? How ’bout his refusal to acknowledge any limits on his power whatsoever, even to the point of ignoring the courts when they rule against him?

  4. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Jim Morin 11 months ago

    Ah, it seems like just yesterday that the GOP was labeling the Democrats the “party of NO”, and the Dems wer stridently defending the necessity of dissent and opposition.

    Not to worry though, I’m sure everyone will re-discover their appreciation of everything they’re currently pretending to oppose the very instant a Republican is in the WH again…

  5. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Gary Varvel 12 months ago

    Must’ve been a REALLY serious threat then, eh? TOTALLY not just a puppet show to justify the total surveillance state at a time it’s facing heavy criticism and distrust. Nope, not at all. Big Brother LOVES us, and is watching us for our own good.

  6. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Gary Varvel 12 months ago

    Your Dear Leader doesn’t seem to care too much about “sovereign nations” when he’s murdering their citizens with remote control planes. Or when he’s bullying them into not giving asylum to a political refugee. Or when he’s waging a flagrantly illegal war against them, to overthrow their allegedly “sovereign government.” Or when he’s picking sides in their civil war, giving support to ultra-violent terrorists in the name of “human rights.”

    Yeah yeah, I know. That stuff is only wrong when REPUBLICANS are doing it.

  7. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Gary Varvel 12 months ago

    Good thing Obama isn’t “stacking up the bodies” by slaughtering people with missiles and bombs all over the world, murdering children with remote control planes, etc etc etc. Good thing he’s not continuing the standard policy of providing weapons, money, and political protection to all manner of terrorists and brutal dictators in places like Egypt, Central Asia, etc.

    O wait, he’s doing ALL of that. Whoops!

  8. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Gary Varvel 12 months ago

    Until the next one.

  9. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Diamond Lil 12 months ago

    Howard is by far my favorite character in this strip. He deserves his own spinoff…

  10. Harrison_Bergeron commented on Jim Morin 12 months ago

    Gee whiz, it’s too bad there isn’t any alternative to print and TV media, some sort of something where anyone can put out and access any information they want, all over the world. If only they could invent something like that, and make it accessible from our computers, why, who controls the MSM might not matter so much!