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  1. feverjr commented on Michael Ramirez about 19 hours ago

    When you’re as concerned about the lives lost in Iraq because some republican forged documents designed to make it look as though Saddam was buying yellow cake, then I’ll consider your argument.

  2. feverjr commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    She hasn’t been elected yet and already the GOP wants her impeached.

  3. feverjr commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    Where are the holes of breathability in the sphere of serenity?

  4. feverjr commented on Randolph Itch, 2 a.m. 3 days ago

    Let’s not jump to conclusions.

  5. feverjr commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Mike , For your reading enjoyment, seems these low wages cost more for the business, not just the tax payer. The difference in the Sam’s Club and Costco models is a perfect example…..

  6. feverjr commented on Lisa Benson 4 days ago

    At least if they get paid enough, you won’t have to supplement their paychecks with your tax dollar as in food stamps.

  7. feverjr commented on Bob Gorrell 4 days ago

    James Murdoch, Rupert’s son, gave between $1 & 5 million to the Clinton Foundation. News Corp gave another $500,000. Chris Ruddy of Newsmax gave $1 million and “dismissed the scrutiny of the foundation’s fundraising and management as a function of the news media’s ‘total obsession’ with the Clintons.”

  8. feverjr commented on Randolph Itch, 2 a.m. 4 days ago

    “It’s a trap!!”
    Admiral Akbar

  9. feverjr commented on Walt Handelsman 6 days ago

    Most charities allow their names to be used by phone and mail solicitors in order to receive a small percentage of the take. Usually 10% goes to the charity and 90% to the solicitor’s company. It’s big business, the mail solicitors include Easter and Christmas cards, or “Dream Catchers” supposedly made by the orphans of native indian tribes, but include a mark of “Made in China” stuck on the woodwork.
    CNN did a report on Charities giving to Guatemala, seams there is always a scam when money is available and little regulation.


  10. feverjr commented on Robert Ariail 7 days ago

    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, who gave Bush the daily intel briefings, said four days ago that there was no intel on any connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda, and that there was no intel that Saddam was trying to restart his nuclear program. And that is what he told Bush.