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  1. rgcviper commented on Stone Soup about 9 hours ago

    I like how even Biscuit is getting into the musical spirit.

  2. rgcviper commented on The Fusco Brothers about 9 hours ago

    Ha—clever, coltish.

  3. rgcviper commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 9 hours ago

    Thanks for the comics, as usual—especially the “Thatababy” about “Family Feud”. Great one.

  4. rgcviper commented on Overboard about 10 hours ago

    Decisions, decisions …

    Good Evening, Crew.

  5. rgcviper commented on Cathy about 10 hours ago

    I tell ya—I’d feel completely and totally lost reading this strip without the trusty [eye-roll]. You know it’s true for you, too …

    (And, for the record, that’s exactly how I like “Cathy”.)

    HI, MOM. Hello, Clan.

  6. rgcviper commented on Dilbert Classics about 10 hours ago

    And he’s modest, too, folks!

  7. rgcviper commented on Alley Oop about 12 hours ago

    Larry’s Oop Recap

    The thought waves from Earth 2 continue with their message to feed Alley. The Tribbles have brought more berries and even some vegetables. Alley takes short breaks from his cutting to consume everything the Tribbles bring him. It feels so good. And he feels his strength returning.

    And now, for the first time since being buried, Alley pushes back the metal flap even more and can sit up! The Tribbles have done an excellent job of clearing an area above the coffin. He’s got his arms and head out and tries to maneuver his feet underneath in a kneeling position. Using the broken collar, and with help from the Tribbles, he digs and claws and pushes up. Alley struggles to get vertical and pushes hard, rising up from what was supposed to be his final resting place. He has escaped from his coffin!

    You will escape.
    We are with you.
    We love you.
    We need you.
    You must help all of them!

    Alley’s face shows grit determination.
    His mind is nurtured with the positive thought forms and the absolute certainty that he will dig his way to the top. Up he goes.

    Inch by inch.
    The Tribbles doing what they can to help.
    He digs and claws. His mind set on freeing his friends as well as revenge.
    Thoughts of what he will do to Torka consume and fuel him. Oh, just wait until he gets his hands once more around Torka’s neck! My God, he will squeeze that thick burly neck into a pencil thin strand with Torka’s big, ugly, laughing head bobbing this way and that! He pictures himself getting Torka in various holds and breaking his arms and legs while he pleads for mercy. And Alley will show him none. Why should he? He was electrocuted and buried alive just when he was about to win. He is going to pound Torka into the next galaxy if he ever gets the chance. And he’s going to get the chance! He will stop at nothing. Never in his life has Alley hated someone as much as he hates Torka and these stinking, cheating, cowardly Glarbs! These thoughts drive Alley up.
    Inch by precious inch, he ascends.

    The coffin is now a foot below him.
    And then, something weird is going on.
    The strangest of sensations come over Alley.
    Is it his imagination or is the ground around him vibrating???
    Is it an earthquake? What’s going on? The vibrations are increasing!

    And then something happens that Alley never expected in a million years.

    Alley nearly jumps out of his skin as a stray hand reaches out from below him and grabs him by the leg!!!!!

  8. rgcviper commented on My Cage 1 day ago

    A nice collection of other comic characters here.

    I wish the strip hadn’t ended, though. Say … maybe it’ll start up again someday … ?

  9. rgcviper commented on Lio 1 day ago

    Happy Birthday, Ishy … as others have said.

  10. rgcviper commented on Overboard 1 day ago


    Good Evening, Crew.