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  1. rgcviper commented on Jump Start about 11 hours ago

    Good taste in music, though.

  2. rgcviper commented on Reply All Lite about 11 hours ago

    I can feel my arteries clogging already.

  3. rgcviper commented on Crumb about 12 hours ago

    This one reminds me of the “one D, ten T” rule I found on another comic a while back …


  4. rgcviper commented on The Dinette Set about 12 hours ago

    I like the red “M.I.T.” shirt.

  5. rgcviper commented on Ask Shagg about 12 hours ago

    Ha—I’ve always loved the name of this fish.

  6. rgcviper commented on Bound and Gagged about 12 hours ago

    Makes me think of Pierce from “Zits” …

  7. rgcviper commented on Alley Oop about 12 hours ago

    Larry’s Oop Story

    The door to their captivity opens and there are several Glarbs, two with trays of food. One of them holding the food is Jeffrey.
    Another Glarb has a folding table and places it in the center of the room. The other puts the food on it. The Glarbs have done their homework and the food looks good. There is some chicken and even some sandwiches, although the sandwiches look a bit …torn and messed with.

    “Please accept our hospitality and try to cheer up and get used to your situation,” Viazog explains.
    “You will be with us for the rest of your lives and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
    A spine-chilling shudder shoots through our friends as he says this.
    “We have researched your species and prepared good nourishment for you, please eat. We will be arriving at our planet tomorrow and you will need your strength.”

    The food does smell good.
    “What happened to those sandwiches?” Ooola asks.
    “Oh, I made them!” Jeffrey pipes in.
    “Do you like my designs? They’re animal sandwiches!”
    Viazog shoots him a look.

  8. rgcviper commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Psh—normal is far overrated (as I know all too well, personally).


  9. rgcviper commented on Get Fuzzy 1 day ago

    Great visuals and dialogue here. Fun one.

  10. rgcviper commented on Cathy 1 day ago

    Looks like they’re not quite on the same page there.

    As for me, I wish summer could go on all year—and I plan to enjoy all of this one as long as I can.

    HI, MOM. Good Sunday Morning, “Cathy” Clan.