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  1. rgcviper commented on The Boondocks about 14 hours ago

    Meh …

  2. rgcviper commented on Eric the Circle about 15 hours ago

    This site has a lot of cool, and free, online puzzles. Pretty fun.

  3. rgcviper commented on Thatababy about 15 hours ago

    Yup—I thought of the “Weebles wobble” line, too …

  4. rgcviper commented on Alley Oop about 15 hours ago

    We just thought we’d build a little suspense, Nun’Ya—and wait until someone requested the next installment. So, without further ado …

    Larry’s “Oop” Story – Friday 12/19/14

    Alley’s heart skips a beat!
    There is a hand gripping his leg, pulling him back down to his grave!!

    He looks down.
    There is enough light to see that the hand is connected to…a Glarb, from below, trying to pull him down.
    And then a voice, slightly muffled by all the dirt:
    “Alley, please, don’t go back up. They’ll kill you!”

    What the heck??
    “Who are you? Let go! Where did you come from?”
    “Come back down and follow me and we’ll tell you everything.”
    “Back to the coffin? Are you crazy? Who are you?”
    “I am Lateedril. We have tunnels. Please turn around and follow me.”
    It is then Alley notices that below him, around his coffin, there is a rather large tunnel shooting out from the side of his coffin. And Lateedril is holding some type of drilling machine. Did he come up from somewhere below??
    “You’re one of them! How can I trust you?”
    “I was on my way to rescue you. It took a while to find you and you already, somehow, got out. Yes, I’m a Glarb but I’m not one of them. We’re trying to overthrow Gritzel and we need your help.”
    Something seems to ring true for Alley. Dremmil spoke once of a supposedly rebel group but they thought it was only a myth. Guess not.
    “Come on. We will feed you and help you rescue your friends.”
    If this stranger wanted him dead he would have left Alley in his coffin.
    “Okay, lead the way.”
    And strangely enough, Alley Oop turns around and follows Lateedril back down, towards the very grave he just escaped from.

  5. rgcviper commented on Lio about 15 hours ago

    Nice [face-palm], though, Lio.

  6. rgcviper commented on Overboard about 15 hours ago

    Making sacrifices for the good of the community. What a guy, that Louie.

    Happy Friday, Crew.

  7. rgcviper commented on Cathy about 15 hours ago

    Well, the intention was there (in the past), but … yeah.

    Mind if I join in on that [eye-roll], hendelca?

    Although, I can relate since I feel behind so much in life.

    HI, MOM. Happy Friday, “Cathy” Clan.

  8. rgcviper commented on Garfield Minus Garfield about 16 hours ago

    You are a wild man, Jon Arbuckle.

  9. rgcviper commented on Eric the Circle 1 day ago

    NOOOO button

  10. rgcviper commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    Pshh—“normal” is far overrated.

    (As I know all too well myself …)