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  1. Michael wme commented on Matt Wuerker 3 months ago

    I think the DHS officials ARE Native Americans. At least they look that way to me. (Not wearing ceremonial dress, though, when on border patrol duty.)

  2. Michael wme commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    The anti-Obama crowd thinks this is a great excuse for an impeachment, but after impeaching Clinton cost the Republicans many seats in the ‘98 election, they don’t want to hear the ‘I’ word.

    Mr Rall describes the president’s offer almost perfectly, leaving out that the stay can be cancelled at any time for any reason or for no reason, the undocumented workers must pay a heavy fine when they register, and the government has all the data and location information about every one that registers if and when it decides to end the temporary permission to stay.

    Obama has deported more Hispanics per annum than any other president, and his biggest limitation is that the Congress provides very limited funds for La Migra to stop new immigrants (but the US economy has done a much better job than La Migra ever did). And Congress says it has no intention of providing enough funding so that Obama could deport more undocumented Hispanics, but says he should be able to deport all of them without any resources, and that’s his duty as President.

  3. Michael wme commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    Obama told undocumented immigrants they all have to come forward, turn themselves in, register, and pay a hefty fine. Some will be given temporary permits that can be revoked at any time for any reason or for no reason. Others will be deported immediately, if not sooner. I’m sure every undocumented worker is going to rush forward immediately.

    Based on past experience, almost 100% of Hispanics will vote Democratic after they hear the Spanish version of the speech. More than half of WASP men will vote Republican.

  4. Michael wme commented on Mike Lester 3 months ago

    Not actually in the speech.

  5. Michael wme commented on Jerry Holbert 3 months ago

    Did anyone listen to the actual speech?

  6. Michael wme commented on Lisa Benson 3 months ago

    First, they have to register and pay a hefty fine. Then their registration will be examined. Some (all?) will be immediately deported. The rest get a temporary permit that can be revoked at any time. I’m assuming every single undocumented person will rush to sign up.

    On 1 Oct ‘13, Obama presented two young women with serious health problems, and promised that the ACA now made the best US healthcare available to them and every other uninsured person for less than $100 a month. For those who got onto Medicaid, this was more-or-less true, since the cost was less than $100 (the quality, maybe not quite the best). For those who didn’t qualify for Medicaid, maybe not so much, since the website wasn’t working and the cost was usually more than $100.

    <br.So I’m sure Astrid Silva will benefit from the executive order. Others, probably not so much.

    And nowhere in last night’s speech does the word ‘emperor’ appear.

  7. Michael wme commented on Jim Morin 3 months ago

    We used to say keeping the Democrats together was the same as herding cats. See what some Tea can do for the Republicans?

  8. Michael wme commented on Win, Lose, Drew 3 months ago

    Further proof our priorities are exactly right. Baseball players are MUCH more valuable than educators. Just look at the number of unemployed college graduates compared with the number of unemployed ball players who can hit .356 against a major league opponent team.

  9. Michael wme commented on John Deering 3 months ago

    The dimlibs have no idea what global warming is. It means that everywhere on the entire globe is warmer every day than the day before and nothing else. The loony climate scientists say it involves the average global temperature, when every decent person knows that G_d prohibits the taking of averages.

    So, while the infidels say that the warmer Arctic makes up for the colder Buffalo, we know that’s wrong. If Buffalo is colder, then global warming is clearly a myth.

  10. Michael wme commented on Lalo Alcaraz 4 months ago

    Obama deported more Hispanics per annum than any other president. Back in ‘12, lots of apples rotted on the trees because Obama made it very difficult for orchard owners to hire Hispanic pickers.

    And yet, Obama has most of the Hispanic vote, thanks to carefully targeted ads that have convinced Hispanics that the Republicans are responsible for all their friends’ and relatives’ problems with La Migra. How does he do it?

    And it looks like his executive order will keep those Hispanic votes for the Democrats without letting in more Hispanics.

    Some say Obama is a complete failure. They say 40% vote Democratic no matter what, and 40% vote Republican no matter what. A failure is a President who polls less than 40%, because he was so bad, he alienated his own base. And Stratfor says Obama is an abject failure, based on his poll numbers. Which are above the 40% threshold by a safe margin. Again, how does he do it? He completely fails the Stratfor criterion for failure, but he’s still a complete failure!