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  1. Godfreydaniel commented on Peanuts Begins about 12 hours ago

    Violet had a pretty powerful (overbearing) personality. My all-time favorite Violet strip was the time she and Lucy got into a duel of insults (at fifty paces, and then forty, and then…..) Linus and Charlie Brown were watching, amazed and appalled. Violet was the clear winner for most of the panels (this was a Sunday strip), but then Lucy beat her at in-fighting. Linus commented, “Nobody beats Lucy at in-fighting!” Patty wasn’t born a straight woman (by no means!) Possibly Shermy was, although one of my favorite strips was Shermy (as the team’s first baseman) telling Charlie Brown that he appeared to have a “neurotic need to lose.” (Whereas the rest of the team was normal.) I still regret that Shermy didn’t make a last-ditch comeback!

  2. Godfreydaniel commented on Prickly City about 16 hours ago

    I’ve always thought that blasphemy is impossible. Let’s face it, God can’t even be inconvenienced by people, let alone harmed. All the praise by all the angels and saints couldn’t possibly give Him his due, because only infinity can affect infinity. Therefore, all the combined praise is really more of an insult, because of how far short it falls from what He is due. Therefore, actual insults can’t possibly affect Him, either. But the people who are insulted are using the insults as an excuse. Weak minds with weapons, never a good combination.

  3. Godfreydaniel commented on Thatababy about 16 hours ago

    The fad started in Hamsterdam………

  4. Godfreydaniel commented on Bound and Gagged about 16 hours ago

    Then again, far fewer cats (at least HOUSE cats) eat dogs than dogs eat them……..

  5. Godfreydaniel commented on Tank McNamara about 16 hours ago

    Deflate that thing, now!

  6. Godfreydaniel commented on Lio about 16 hours ago

    @Simon Jester
    I think it might’ve been funnier with part of a leg sticking out, but then again, maybe not. You ever get the feeling that Mark Tatulli is a big fan of Roald Dahl?

  7. Godfreydaniel commented on Peanuts Begins about 16 hours ago

    Patty’s appearances in the later years were very rare (Violet’s pretty rare, too). It’s fascinating to check out the index of one of the Complete Peanuts collections (I have the first one in my collection and will buy the last one, of course, but the rest I’ve only read from the library. Of course I have close to 50 of the old pocketbook paperbacks……) Since the books have started to be published, every new one I get my hands on, the first thing I always do is look at the index to see just how few times Patty or Violet (or Rerun or Pigpen) would appear. When Schulz planned his last strip, I was hoping that Shermy would appear—he did utter the first lines ever in the strip. (And why some people seem to think he was “Sherman” I’ll never know—not once did anybody ever call him that! Although Peppermint Patty insisted on calling Lucy “Lucille”, so she might’ve called Shermy “Sherman” if their paths had ever crossed…..)

  8. Godfreydaniel commented on Peanuts about 16 hours ago

    In other “Peanuts” science classes over the years, we found out that you can’t bounce a croquet ball and you can’t throw a potato chip…….

  9. Godfreydaniel commented on Andy Capp about 16 hours ago

    Finally a punch line with some PUNCH to it! This was the funniest Andy I’ve seen in months. I love the “inmates running the asylum” feel to this. The interviewers have even less of a clue than Andy himself (and here we always thought that was impossible!)

  10. Godfreydaniel commented on Tank McNamara 1 day ago

    Tank, borrow a skunk to cover up the smell of the sports jerks. Although the skunk might complain………