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  1. Godfreydaniel commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    For another take on smoking, consider this from a January 1992 strip: Snoopy’s brother, Spike, is reminiscing alone in the desert. “When I was little and I said my stomach hurt, Mom would give me milk and honey. If I had an earache, Dad would blow cigar smoke into my ear. I wonder where he got the cigars?” (Personally, I wonder why a dog was smoking cigars in the first place!) Has anybody heard of this? Was it an ancient home medical remedy, or did Schulz think it up?

  2. Godfreydaniel commented on Thatababy 1 day ago

    I never knew anybody who did that with baseball cards: we always used plain ol’ playing cards in my neighborhood!

  3. Godfreydaniel commented on Berger & Wyse 1 day ago

    He ordered the fish for the halibut………

  4. Godfreydaniel commented on Brevity 1 day ago

    The Rockettes have a better line, which is plainly the point!

  5. Godfreydaniel commented on Bound and Gagged 1 day ago

    I have the honor of having attended the longest game in Royals history, years ago: 18 innings when we were only scheduled for the usual nine. Yes, I stayed until we won the dang thing!

  6. Godfreydaniel commented on Tank McNamara 1 day ago

    It all just depends on whose ox is being gored…….

  7. Godfreydaniel commented on Andy Capp 1 day ago

    I’m baffled why Andy would care about the kitchen tap: the only thing that comes out of it is WATER!
    Andy’s lack-of-thought balloons are too big today for you to sneak in a Number Six on that blank blueness that pretends to be a painting!

  8. Godfreydaniel commented on Thatababy 2 days ago

    Wait ’til Thatadad sees what Thatababy did to ThataHonusWagner!

  9. Godfreydaniel commented on Brevity 2 days ago

    Carrying a flask used to be considered hip……….

  10. Godfreydaniel commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    Romantic dinners (and new parents NEED the occasional date night!) kind of require wine. Tequila wouldn’t suit the mood at all.