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  1. JackiAnne commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    So do something! Oh, wait…this is Garfield…

  2. JackiAnne commented on Lio 4 days ago

    I find it disturbing (in a good way) that not only does Lio play with scary pets, the scary pets play with him.

  3. JackiAnne commented on Diamond Lil 4 days ago

    I’m in Virginia and we still have a good covering of snow on the ground from a snowfall more than a week old. I would much rather be mowing my lawn than dealing with this cold.

  4. JackiAnne commented on HUBRIS! 11 days ago

    Let Paste play with the taser. He’s more likely to tase himself than anyone else.

  5. JackiAnne commented on Garfield 14 days ago

    Not to mention it’s February. And there’s snow on the ground (at least, here in Virginia). And it’s below freezing with sub-zero wind chills. You’ll freeze your…bellybutton.

  6. JackiAnne commented on Ben 14 days ago

    Ah, yes. I do these every day. I like “the eager dog,” especially when we go up hills.

  7. JackiAnne commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    Seriously, look at the Colosseum. Does that thing look finished to you? Get back to work, guys!

  8. JackiAnne commented on Bloom County 16 days ago

    For all we know the sky really is barf green. We just choose to call it blue.

  9. JackiAnne commented on HUBRIS! 17 days ago

    Just be glad he wasn’t holding a lawn dart.

  10. JackiAnne commented on Frazz 28 days ago

    Snowflakes are not the same as yahoos, therefore, your question is invalid.