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  1. howtheduck commented on Luann about 18 hours ago


    LOL, you wouldn’t happen to have a larger copy available by any chance, would you?
    Hmm! Perhaps. How big is your computer screen?

  2. howtheduck commented on Luann about 19 hours ago

    A drawing showing someone as a clown is not ‘art’, in this context. It’s just an insult, so it couldn’t be used for the assignment.
    Obviously you are someone who doesn’t appreciate clown art.

  3. howtheduck commented on Luann about 21 hours ago

    Bernice. Don’t do Luann’s work for her. How can she learn about art if you do it for her?

  4. howtheduck commented on For Better or For Worse about 21 hours ago

    Lynn’s Notes:
    When we moved to North Bay and set up a new clinic, we had two refrigerators — the one with the sandwiches was in the dining area.
    I am glad Lynn admitted there were 2 refrigerators in the real-life dental clinic. Putting food and beverages in refrigerators containing chemicals can contaminate the food and cause real problems for the person trying to digest it. I started working in a lab environment back in 1984, and even then we knew better than to put food next to chemicals. This would be a serious slam to Dr. Rod Johnston’s dental practice back in 1986 if anyone thought Lynn was representing a real-life situation in her husband’s office.

  5. howtheduck commented on For Better or For Worse 2 days ago

    See W.S. Gilbert’s running gag in HMS Pinafore.
    “Never…” “What, never?” “No, never!” “What, never?” “Well, hardly ever…”

  6. howtheduck commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Admittedly it is difficult to draw someone who can change their appearance so rapidly.

  7. howtheduck commented on For Better or For Worse 2 days ago


    Lynn’s Notes:

    This very situation brought my assisting career to an end. Dentistry is a fiddly business with many frustrating procedures. When my husband sharply asked for an instrument or for suction, I expected a polite “thanks” for my efforts, but he just carried on. His brusque manner wasn’t personal — I just took it the wrong way!
    If this situation occurred in real life and Lynn really did stop an operation in order to force her husband to say “please” to her, I can easily see why that would be the end of Lynn’s assisting career.

  8. howtheduck commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 days ago

    B. Quill!
    You are the first to spell his name correctly.

  9. howtheduck commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    Any dentist seeing this cartoon would have said, “And that’s why we have a door between the waiting room and the office. That would never happen here.”

  10. howtheduck commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    While John is barking, you notice that Elly accepts the “Neat. Thanks.” without complaint. Possibly this is because Elly knows that in the Patterson world, getting the words “Thanks” or “Thank you” from a Patterson is a very rare occasion. Looking at the comics archive on Lynn Johnston’s website, I see that it occurs 6 times during the 29 years of this comic strip including today’s comic strip.